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The New Zealand Parliamentarians on Population and Development is a member committee of the Asian Forum of Parliamentarians on Population and Development and the Pacific Legislatures for Population and Governance.[1][2]


The New Zealand Parliamentarians’ Group on Population and Development (NZPPD) provides a forum for New Zealand parliamentarians to engage and act on international population and development issues. The NZPPD is a cross party group, with currently 42 members representing just under 40 percent of all New Zealand MPs. The group is an active part of Parliamentary life in New Zealand. The NZPPD was established in 1998 to further the achievement of the Programme of Action developed at the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD). The group does this by:[2]

  • increasing investment and prioritisation of population and development issues at the policy, resource, and activity level
  • creating awareness of the important role parliamentarians can play on population and development issues nationally and internationally.

The group was established under the Chair of the Hon. Katherine O’Regan (Member of New Zealand Parliament 1984 – 1999 and NZPPD Chair 1998 – 1999).

Family Planning International receives funding from UNFPA to provide Secretariat services for the NZPPD.



As at November 2009, the following NZ members of Parliament were members of NZPPD:

Associate Member: Hon. Katherine O'Regan

Open Hearing into Maternal Health in the Pacific

The Open Hearing into Maternal Health in the Pacific was held on Sept. 21, 2009 in Wellington, New Zealand. The hearing was hosted by New Zealand Parliamentarians on Population and Development.

Modelled like a one-day select committee meeting, 13 New Zealand parliamentarians from across the political spectrum, joined by Australian and PNG colleagues, heard submissions from a range of regional organisations and professionals working to improve maternal health in the Pacific. Reproductive health professionals from the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM), Kiribati, Papua New Guinea (PNG), Samoa and the Solomon Islands had spent the weekend prior to the Open Hearing preparing their submissions.[5]

The NZPPD secretariat, Family Planning International wrote the report and action plan "for NZPPD to drive forward in 2010."[5]


The following attended the hearing:[5]


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