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The National Coalition of Abortion Providers was founded in 1990.


The Mission Statement of the National Coalition of Abortion Providers is as follows:[1]

"NCAP builds alliances and support for the credibility of the unique perspective brought by abortion providers to the cultural conversation surrounding abortion. NCAP represents the voice of abortion providers and advocates for the supportive relationship between care providers and the women, men, families and communities they serve. NCAP carries the insight offered by this direct connection with the abortion experience to allied advocacy organizations, to legislators at both the Federal and State level, to the public, and to the media. NCAP connects abortion providers nationwide with tangible membership benefits, including networking opportunities and the provision of accessible resources and tools to improve patient care, address regulatory compliance and problem-solve business issues and concerns. NCAP works to build business relationships to address the rising costs of abortion healthcare. NCAP operates as an ‘early warning’ signal for emerging social and legislative issues impacting abortion providers, seeking input from members and then bringing those concerns forward to allies, legislators and the media. NCAP works with allies and coalitions to challenge roadblocks to choice."



Board of Directors

As at 2005, the following served on the board:[2]

  • Steven Emmert, Executive Director - Steven has worked in the reproductive rights field for over thirteen years. He has experience managing clinics in Texas, Nebraska, and California. He has served as NCAP’s Executive Director since October, 2004. Steven earned a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the University of Houston after completing his undergraduate work at Texas Lutheran University.
  • Amy Hagstrom Miller, President - Amy is the CEO of Whole Woman's Health Centers in Texas. She has served on the ACP Board, and has brought great energy and dedicated much of her time to the new face of NCAP. “What do I bring? Fresh ideas, new perspective, CEO experience (especially with finances), marketing, “spin” doctress capabilities, and skills as an “ambassador”, and bringing diverse groups of providers together. I see NCAP as an organization with an amazing amount of potential that is on the verge of exploding. I want to focus on defining what members get from an NCAP membership and also get a more prominent and outspoken voice/identity for independent providers in this country.”
  • Stephanie Guilbaud, Vice-President - Stephanie joined the NCAP board in October 2004. Her 15 year career in the field of women’s reproductive health care began at All Women's Medical Pavilion P.C. in Queens, New York City. She was hired as a Patient Advocate and was promoted until she ultimately became the Administrator in 1993. Stephanie holds an MBA from Baruch College of the City University of New York.
  • Jen Boulanger, Treasurer - Jen is the Executive Director of the Allentown Women's Center located in Northeast Pennsylvania. She has a Master of Education in Counseling and Human Services from Lehigh University and began her career in the abortion field as a counselor 12 years ago. Jen proudly serves on the Board of the National Coalition of Abortion Providers and is the co-chairperson for Pennsylvanians for the Right to a Private Life (PRPL), which is the abortion provider organization in Pennsylvania. Jen has been a previous presenter at NCAP meetings and is committed to improving the quality of abortion care through open conversations, sharing experiences, and learning from peers.
  • Mary J. Frank, Secretary - Mary is the Executive Director of the Memphis Center for Reproductive Health. She is a member of the Consortium of Feminist Abortion Providers. Mary grew up in Minnesota and since leaving there when she was 18 has lived and worked in MN, WI, MI, CT, NH, IA, CO and MD. While living and working in all of those states she has been a lifeguard and swimming instructor, supervisor of a bowling alley, a film developer, a nanny, a residence hall advisor and director, a camp counselor, camp director, a judicial affairs officer for two different universities and has worked for the Girl Scouts. She received her undergraduate degree in Information Management from the College of St. Catherine in St. Paul, MN. In 1991, and her graduate degree in Student Affairs in Higher Education from Colorado State University in 1994. She currently lives in Memphis, TN (not on her top ten places to live) but love does conquer most everything. She lives with her partner of 10 years and their 2 dogs, Sappho’s Muse Gracie Mae and Harry – Prince of Hogwash and 4 cats – Murphy, Domino, Chloe and Hadassah. During her spare time – when not at the clinic – she trains dogs in obedience and agility. She also competes in dog agility with Gracie Mae. Mary is the newest member of the NCAP board of directors where she is the secretary and chair of the program committee.
  • Peg Johnston, President of the Abortion Conversation Project, Liaison to NCAP Board - Peg served as NCAP President and was instrumental in the development of NCAP’s first Strategic Plan in 2000. She is currently serving as the president of the ACP and, as you have seen, has worked with the ACP Board to develop and accomplish several national projects. The Director of Southern Tier Women’s Services in upstate New York, Peg is also prolific writer and brought us all what has become a valued clinic resource, the Pregnancy Options Workbook. Peg has also served Boards for the Cooperative Gallery 213, Binghamton Women’s Center, Rape and Abuse Crisis Center, and the SOS shelter, Herizon. “NCAP is one place where provides can talk in a real way and collaborate to change things. I feel I have a vision about that potential and am willing to work hard for what I believe in.”
  • Kelly Ellington, Kelly is the President of A Jacksonville Women's Health Center, Located in north Florida. The hurricanes and, of course, Jeb Bush as Governor, have equipped Kelly to survive and thrive in an often hostile environment. “Unlike any other organization, NCAP intimately involves itself with members, groups and board of other organizations and most importantly, our patients. As a provider of abortions services, I can contribute fresh ideas to improve the standards of abortion care and represent the next generation of empowered, independent women. The opportunity to serve on the NCAP board is an important responsibility that will enable me to insure quality service to abortion providers and our patients. As a group, we can continue to strive for Women’s rights and provide the necessary health care needed throughout the nation. With the energy and determination of this organization, we can and will continue to make great accomplishments.”
  • David Lipton - David comes to us from Summit Medical Associates. He enthusiastically served the summer on the Executive Search Committee as we sought new NCAP leadership. “I feel that NCAP is a great resource for independent providers – to help us work through the difficult challenges that we all face. NCAP as enabled me to discuss the issues affecting my clinics and other clinics and has helped me make the necessary decisions to keep my clinics open. It has done this through the meetings, networking, group purchasing, and chat room. Ultimately, that is the goal – keeping our clinics open and NCAP and its associations has helped me do this. If it were not for the years of attending meetings, I would not know the other providers. I have learned a great deal from the other providers. The years of talks have given me resources and knowledge to run my clinics better. Joining the NCAP Board allows me to give back the knowledge that I have learned over the last 10 years of running my clinics. I spent most of my time trying to keep my clinics open – I do not want to see the independent clinics get gobbled up by Planned Parenthood or completely driven out of business by each other. I felt hat I can add this perspective to the board.”
  • Jessica L. Wilson - Jessica is currently the Administrator of the Hartford Gyn Center in Connecticut, a member of the HUMEDCO Corporation, where she started as a counselor 25 years ago. “After 25 years, working for reproductive freedom continues to be an exciting and fulfilling career. When I was elected to the board in 2003, the organization was in need of transition. The challenges of re-structuring have been both difficult and exciting. Three years later, the organization has not only survived, but is thriving. The vision we had for NCAP is emerging and is becoming a reality. NCAP/ACP feels new, re-energized, stronger and more credible than ever. In NCAP, I have found invaluable collective wisdom, an organization that understands the needs of the independent provider and a dedicated membership that honors women and their families. It has been a pleasure to serve on the Board and I look forward to another year.”

Contact Details

  • Address: 1625 K Street, NW, Suite 1020, Washington, DC, 20006
  • Phone: (202) 419-1444
  • Website:


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