Patricia Allan

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Patricia Allan

Rev. Patricia Ann Allan is the Presbyter of Durham Street Methodist Church in Christchurch, New Zealand. She also serves on the Abortion Supervisory Committee.

Education and Career

Allan completed her nursing qualification in 1960 and holds a licentiate of theology.

In 2004 she established her own consultancy as a facilitator and mentor after 20 years involvement in both church and council-funded social services in Christchurch and on the West Coast. She served for a time as vicar of Hokitika and has held a number of governance roles in both the Methodist and Anglican churches.[1]

Abortion Supervisory Committee

Patricia Allan is a member of the Abortion Supervisory Committee.[2] The Committee oversees abortion law and practise in New Zealand. This includes licensing abortion mills, and appointing certifying consultants.

Prostitution Law Reform Bill

Allan supported the passage of the Prostitution Law Reform Bill into law in 2003. Her comments at the time are below:[3]

Presbyter of Durham Street Methodist Church Rev Patricia Allan says as a mother, she would not want any of her children in the sex industry. But if that were the life they chose, she would want the best possible protection for them from exploitation, marginalisation, harassment and disease.
"In my view, the Prostitution Law Reform Bill offers better safety for those who make this choice of employment, for whatever reason. Decriminalizing consensual adult sex makes good sense to me. It is too easy for us Christians to make moral judgements on people or matters from which we are removed. I've talked with some of those who are either sex workers themselves or who are closely in touch with this field. These conversations, along with listening to counter arguments, have given me a clearer resolve to support the Bill in its original intent. My knowledge of Jesus of Nazareth who companioned society's outcasts leaves me no alternative."


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