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Phillida Bunkle

Phillida Bunkle (born 1944) is originally from England.

Personal Life

In 2000 Bunkle's partner was J. Lepper.


Bunkle has worked as a university lecturer in 1975 and 1995.

In 1990, Bunkle was Co-ordinator of Women's Studies, Victoria University.[1]


Members of WONAAC at Parliament in 1973 (from left): Di Cleary, Phillida Bunkle, Irene Kennedy, Mary Sinclair, Deborah Jones, Kay Goodger[2]

In 1973 Bunkle attended a conference of the radical pro-abortion group, the Woman's National Abortion Action Campaign.[3]

On 20 September, 1975 Bunkle was a member of a nine-woman Tribunal on "Crimes Against Women", held in Wellington and organised by WONAAC.

Campaign Against Foreign Control in New Zealand

In the 1970s, Bunkle was a founding member of the Campaign Against Foreign Control in New Zealand.[4]

United Womens Convention

In 1973, Bunkle was a speaker at the United Women's Convention.[5]


In 1974 a deputation to Minister of Justice Finlay marking International Women's Day called for better treatment of women in the justice system. Delegates included Bunkle (probably her), Felicity Glove and Geraldine Keith.

On 23 April, 1976, Bunkle addressed the Wellington SF* on "radical women in the past"[6]

From 1985 - 1989, Bunkle was Editorial Advisor for RGC on gender issues.

On 19 September, 1988, The Press reported she co-authored with Sandra Coney of the Metro, an article which sparked a National Women's Hospital cancer inquiry.

She spoke on her book "Second Opinion: The Politics of Women's Health" at the Stringleperson room in Christchurch.

In 1990 Bunkle was Chairperson of the 2nd Sweating Commission.[1]

In 1991, Bunkle was a member of the "People's Select Committee", with Simon Lindsay, Penny Jamieson and Ranginui Walker to tour NZ in early 1992 to gain info on Benefit Cuts.[7]

From 19 - 21 July 1991, Bunkle was a speaker at NLP "Economics - Jobs & the Environment" Conferene held in Auckland.

Political Career

On 27 November 1992, it was announced that Bunkle was the Alliance Party's Women's spokesperson. It was stated that an Alliance government would improve anti-rape education and teach people better ways to deal with anger.[8] In 1993 she stood as the Alliance Party candidate for Onslow. In 1993 she was ranked third on the Green Party's electoral list. In 1995 she was on the party list for the Southern North Island.[9] In 1996 she was number nine on the party list and stood in Ohariu-Belmont. In 2000, Bunkle was a Minister outside cabinet of Consumer Affairs, Assistant Minister of Economic Development, Assistant Minister for Environment, and Assistant Minister of Women's Affairs.

Bunkle was in Parliament from 1996 to 2002.[10]


On 30 November 2007 Bunkle pleaded guilty to shoplifting a bottle of wine and two packets of coffee from a supermarket in Paraparaumu, and was given diversion.[11]

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