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Planned Parenthood of Northern New England is a Planned Parenthood affiliate covering Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.




In 2004 the following worked for the affiliate:[1]


In 2007 the following worked for the affiliate:[2]


Board of Trustees


In 2004, the following were members of the Board of Trustees for the affiliate:[1]

* denotes concurrent membership on the PPNNE Action Fund Board

Honorary Board:

Action Fund Board:


In 2007, the following were members of the Board of Trustees for the affiliate:[2]


In 2009 the following served on the Board of Trustees for the affiliate:[3]


Future of Choice Society

The following individuals and couples have named PPNNE as a beneficiary in their wills or in other estate plans:[1]


Real Life. Real Talk.

In 2006, PPNNE was the first of three national test sites to officially launch Real Life. Real Talk., a program of PPFA. The launch was made in Portland, ME.[2]

Susan Steele, Director of the Portland Education Partnership said of the program,

"Sexuality is a scary topic for parents and teens. We want to provide safe places for parents to talk about the issues among themselves and with their teens. Real Life. Real Talk. has made that possible."


2007 Event Summary

In their 2007 Annual Report, PPNNE provided a summary of the year's activities which included:[2]

"A march and rally on International Women's Day, an open house for politicians and donors at our health center, a clergy breakfast and health provider luncheon, campus film events, and finally, a fundraiser and reading with author and longtime friend, John Irving. We met our goal of “turning up the volume” in a key community, raising both money and awareness and creating a template for future cross departmental and community collaborations."

2009 Teen Dating Violence Event

In 2009 in Maine, author Vicki Crompton Tetter shared her story about the dangers of teen dating violence at a PPNNE-affiliated event.[3]


The following businesses do contract work for the abortion business:


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