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RH Reality Check


RH Reality Check states that it is an online community and publication serving individuals and organizations committed to advancing sexual and reproductive health and rights. The organization states that it is guided by the issues and recommendations identified in the Program of Action agreed on at the International Conference on Population and Development at Cairo in 1994. They work to "empower people with the information, services and leadership they need to safeguard their sexual and reproductive health and rights and to guard against false attacks and misinformation."

From 2006-2012, RH Reality Check enjoyed the support of the UN Foundation. In January 2012 the website branched off officially as an independent 501 c3.[1]



As at 2012, the following were directors of the organization:[2]


The following work for the website:[1]


The following are regular contributors, or have written articles for the website:[3]

Partner Organizations

RH Reality Check has partnered with the following organizations and websites:[1]


The following have stated their support for the website:[1]


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