Ray Flachmeier

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Ray Flachmeier

Raymond "Ray" Flachmeier has worked as a pastor for the pro-abortion Lutheran Church, and has also served on the board of Planned Parenthood of North Texas.

Planned Parenthood of North Texas

From 1999 - 2000, Flachmeier served on the Board of Directors for Planned Parenthood of North Texas.[1]

Lutheran Church

Abiding Love Lutheran Church

As at Sep. 12, 2012, Flachmeier was a pastor at the Abiding Love Lutheran Church in Austin, TX.[2]

Resurrection Lutheran Church

As at Jan. 10, 2012, Flachmeier served as pastor for the Resurrection Lutheran Church in Plano, TX. He does not currently work for the church.[3]

Signed Religious Pro-Abortion Statement

Flachmeier was one of over 3,400 religious leaders who signed a statement entitled the "Religious Declaration on Sexual Morality, Justice, and Healing."[4] The statement was coordinated by the Religious Institute. The statement reads in part,[3]

"Faith communities must also advocate for sexual and spiritual wholeness in society. We call for... a faith-based commitment to sexual and reproductive rights, including access to voluntary contraception, abortion, and HIV/STI prevention and treatment."

Signed Pro-Birth Control Statement

Flachmeier is listed as a signatory on the Statement by Texas Religious Leaders Supporting Access to Birth Control which is a project of the Texas Faith Network. This group is a project of the Texas Freedom Network's Education Fund which was founded in 1995 by Cecile Richards to "combat the anti-choice policy agenda of the extreme right in Texas."[5]. The statement which calls for government funding of birth control, reads in part:[2]

"We call on our state leaders to support policies that ensure adequate funding and broad availability of birth control, especially for low- and moderate-income women."


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