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Rebecca Matthews in Dec, 2010

Rebecca Matthews served as vice-president of the Auckland University Students Association circa 1998.[1]

No More Jumping Through Hoops Protest

Matthews stated that she would attend the 5 October 2010 No More Jumping Through Hoops Protest outside the Court of Appeal in Wellington.[2] An estimated 50 pro-abortion activists attended the protest. Right to Life commented,

"The demonstration was disappointing. It is the court's function to interpret legislation made by Parliament. It is outrageous and wrong for this misguided group to be seeking to exert pressure on the court. It is appropriate that the demonstrators are wearing red. The colour reminds us of the spilt blood of unborn children when they are dismembered in their mother's womb."[3]

National Pro Choice Gathering

Matthews stated that she intended to attend the 13 March, 2011 National Pro Choice Gathering on the event's Facebook page.[2] The gathering was held on 12-13th March 2011 in Wellington, New Zealand and was hosted by Action for Abortion Rights.[4]


As at May 2011, Matthews served as National Secretary for the Abortion Law Reform Association of New Zealand.[5]

Attempting to Launch Christchurch Pro-Abortion Group

On 9 May, 2011, it was announced on the ALRANZ Facebook page that Sam L. Thompson and one other were seeking to launch a pro-abortion group in Christchurch. Matthews was listed as the contact person for any interested in being involved.[6]


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