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Rose Stewart has listed professional nursing, nursing leadership, clinical coaching, adolescence and medical abortion amongst her interests.


Rose Stewart has a Post Graduate Certificate in Child and Family Health, Otago Polytechnic 2004 and a Master of Nursing Massey University 2007

Family Planning Association

As at 1988 Rose Stewart worked as a clinic nurse for the Family Planning Association. She currently works as National Nursing Advisor for the association.[1]

Praised Dame Margaret Sparrow

In a special feature in the May 2011 newsletter of the Abortion Law Reform Association of New Zealand entitled "Honouring Dame Margaret Sparrow", Rose Stewart, National Nursing Advisor, Family Planning Association, made the following statement honouring the former abortionist and president of ALRANZ:[1]

"I was very lucky to work clinically with Margaret at Family Planning for many years. In her last five years we worked together in the vasectomy theatre which was very collegial.At all Family Planning events Margaret was the company photographer and she generously provided us with photos for the Family Planning record and for individual staff. Margaret has always modeled a very clear direction concerning sexual and reproductive health and abortion in particular. In clinical practice she was very fond of teaching and sharing interesting cases. Her opinion on anything was always given in the most thoughtful way – never rushed or ill considered. Many people I know benefitted from her outstandingly informed and non-judgmental care. It is a great thrill to know Margaret and to be inspired by her. She is a New Zealand icon.Thank you for everything you have given us Margaret June Sparrow."


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