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Front view of the business

Routh St. Women’s Clinic is an abortion business located in Dallas, Texas. The business commits both surgical and medical abortions.


In late 1975 Charlotte Taft began working as an abortion counselor at the Fairmount Center abortion business in Dallas, TX. She stated that until this time she had never actually witnessed an abortion. "I was totally unprepared for what I saw. I fainted dead away, but they hired me anyway," she said. Taft worked at the Fairmount Center for nearly two years, however her vision for the abortion industry differed from her supervisor's, and they clashed. Eventually Taft was demoted and she quit. Before quitting she forged an alliance with two of Fairmount's doctors, Lea Braun and Bob Glick. They agreed to stake Taft in managing a new clinic.

Braun sought the counsel of his divorce lawyer, Scott Hudson, who became the clinic's corporate attorney and board chairman. Hudson recalls his initial lunch meeting with Charlotte and Dr. Braun. "We all agreed that the clinic ought to be an institution run by women for women. The idea wasn't that we were all going to get rich." The newly formed corporation leased space in a quaint building on Routh Street in Oak Lawn - enough to house the clinic, Hudson's law office, and Dr. Braun's private ob-gyn practice. It took nine months to plan, but in April of 1978, the Routh Street Women's Clinic opened its doors.[1]


Former Personnel

Unidentified Workers

The following is a group of photos of clinic workers who remain as yet undentified:

Employee Vehicles

The following is a list of vehicles observed to be owned by employees of the facility:

  • White Cadillac, BS6Y794 (photo 1, photo 2)
  • Red Dodge, 791SML
  • Navy Nissan Pickup, 65CKN8
  • Grey Toyota SUV, SJL995
  • Grey Accura, CR4X532
  • Brown Honda SUV, BH3B555
  • Grey BMW SUV, FTF455
  • White Ford Pickup, 65DRC6
  • Red Kia, CW4Z435
  • Black Ford Pickup, BB59041
  • Navy Honda, RFN979
  • Maroon Dodge Pickup, AF39144
  • White Kia SUV, CZ8B363 (driven by Jabir?)
  • Blue Honda, BY3BB083
  • White Dodge Ram Pickup, BF33323
  • White Chevy, DYL715
  • Gray Suburban, 23VKH1
  • Blue Honda, CS7G254
  • Black Mazda, DM8D268


The following are companies that Routh St. Women's Clinic has paid to perform services.

Air Supply of North Texas

Air Supply truck in the parking lot

On Feb. 4, 2013, a truck with Air Supply of North Texas branding was seen in the parking lot of the Routh St. Women's Clinic abortion business.

Air Supply of North Texas is located at 2829 Fort Worth Ave, Dallas, TX 75211, and its phone number is: (214) 337-4761.

Oncore Technology

Oncore truck in the parking lot

On Feb. 4, 2013, an Oncore Technology truck & trailer were seen in the parking lot of the Routh St. Women's Clinic abortion business.

Oncore Technology is a medical waste disposal company. Their registration number with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is: 50129.[10] The business is located at 2613 Skyway Drive, Grand Prarie, TX 75052.

Contact Details

  • Address: 4321 N. Central Expressway, Dallas, TX 75235
  • Phone: 214-748-8611
  • Website:


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