Shannon Rauh

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Shannon Rauh

Shannon Rauh

Fairmount Center

From 1991 - 1993, Shannon Rauh worked as a Counselor/Health Educator at the Fairmount Center abortion clinic.[1] The clinic was founded by Curtis Boyd in 1973.

Austin Women's Health Center

From May 1995 – October 1996, Rauh worked as Director of Counseling at the Austin Women's Health Center. She stated of her work here,[1]

"Supervised, trained and evaluated all counselors. Provided individual counseling to women regarding pregnancy options. Developed and maintained culturally appropriate family planning and other health education materials. Directed patient intake to insure that all clients received appropriate levels of service. Increased awareness of clinic services through community outreach and marketing."

Planned Parenthood

Parenthood of Northeast Texas

From May 1993 – May 1995, Rauh worked as Clinic Manager/HIV Educator at Parenthood of Northeast Texas. She stated of her work here,[1]

"Directed daily operations of the health clinic, including: ensuring efficient client access and utilization of clinical services; data management and analysis; budget development and management, patient flow; management of customer relations and volunteer recruitment; hired/trained/supervised/evaluated nurse practitioners and family planning educators. Counseled clients on birth control methods, pregnancy options and the prevention or treatment of sexually transmitted infections. Provided pre- and post-HIV testing and counseling to individuals and couples. Presented workshops on Family Planning and Sexually Transmitted Infections/HIV Prevention for the community. Coordinated, evaluated and developed a variety of projects (health fairs, presentations, outreach) for the agency. Developed materials for the Public Awareness Campaign."

Planned Parenthood of the Texas Capital Region

From May 1995 – May 2000, Rauh worked as HIV /STI Counselor at Planned Parenthood of the Texas Capital Region. She stated of her work here,[1]

"Provided Sexually Transmitted Infections/HIV prevention counseling and partner elicitation to individuals and couples. Drafted quantitative reports for funding sources. Planned, developed and conducted workshops on Sexually Transmitted Infections/HIV Prevention, and Family Planning for the community."

From Jan. 2008 - Feb. 2010, she worked as Director of Client Services for Planned Parenthood of the Texas Capital Region. She stated of her work in this position,[1]

"Supervised all reproductive health clinics sites and ambulatory surgical center; provided the overall direction, coordination and evaluation of health services employees. Developed and manages the budget for medical services. Provided input for the development of the strategic plan for medical services. Developed and evaluates programs to access and enhance client satisfaction. Prepared updates on health service operations. Ensured adherence to continuous quality improvement in health care and customer service."


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