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Sheela M. Barhan

Sheela M. Barhan, M.D., is an Associate Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Medical Director of Obstetrics & Gynecology at Wright State University.[1] She supports infamous late-term abortionist and partial birth abortion pioneer Martin Haskell through a patient transfer agreement with Haskell's Women's Med Center Dayton (WMCD), a surgical abortion facility.[2]

Approved Transfer Agreement for Late-Term Abortion Facility

In early 2008, Ohio Health Director Alvin Jackson revoked the license of the Women's Med Center Dayton (WMCD) late-term abortion facility because the facility was not following Ohio law which requires ambulatory surgical facilities to have a transfer agreement with a nearby hospital. The abortion center, operated by Martin Haskell, who invented the partial-birth abortion procedure, has been running afoul of the law for years because no hospital would agree to support it.

However, in late February 2008, a judge’s last-minute order allowed the facility to remain open.

On March 4, 2008, Ohio Health Director Alvin Jackson granted the abortion business a variance after it named three physicians at Miami Valley Hospital who had agreed to admit patients injured by abortions. The physicians were Larry Amesse, Sheela M. Barhan and Janice M. Duke.

But the Dayton Daily News indicated Jackson sent the abortion business a letter saying it accepts the hospital’s contention that it would accept patients from the abortion center even if none of the three physicians were available when a woman was brought in.

In November 2013, WMCD signed a Back-Up Physician Service Agreement with Wright State Physicians Women’s Health Care Group (WSPWHCG), of which Barhan and Duke are members. Barhan and President & CEO of Wright State Physicians Alan P. Marco signed the agreement on behalf of WSPWHCG.[2][3]


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