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Six Rivers Planned Parenthood (formerly the Planned Parenthood Association of Humboldt County) was incorporated in May, 1975 and was located at a building on E Street in Henderson Center.


From May 1976, Six Rivers PP offered a family planning clinic as well as daily pregnancy testing and counseling. Services also included treatment of sexually transmitted disease as well as urinary tract infections. In September 1977 they started their Education Department with federal family planning funding. They hired an Information & Education Director and two health educators who taught a 5 to 15 day family life sex education course in local high schools. They also began training high school teachers to take over the teaching so we could introduce programs in the junior high schools. From 1979-1982, a sexuality education program was developed for the disabled. The 1980s saw the development of young adult and parent education programs. August 1978 saw the beginning of Six Rivers PP's vasectomy program which offers education and counseling by trained, male volunteers at our facility. The operation itself was performed by local physicians in their offices.[1]

  • In October 1979 the affiliate began committing first trimester abortions.
  • In September 1986 the affiliate changed its name to Six Rivers Planned Parenthood.
  • In January 1993 the affiliate expanded its Weaverville Clinic and moved to a new site.
  • August 1996 saw the construction and renovation of Eureka site.
  • In 1998 the affiliate launched its Spare Change theater group with performances throughout Humboldt County.
  • May 2002 – Implemented sonograms and began committing Medical (RU486) abortions.
  • December 2007- Our esteemed CEO, Tina Mackenzie, retires after a glorious run of 15 years.


Below is information on the finances of SRPP:[1]

  • In 1995 the affiliate had 10,085 Patient Visits and an agency income of $927,048
  • By 2000 there were 13,329 Patient Visits and an agency income of $1,776,660.
  • 2003 – There were 16,625 Patient Visits and an agency income of $2,095,859


Board of Directors


As at 2008 the following served on the board:[2]


The following served on the board in the year 2011 - 2012:[3]

Heritage Society

Members of the Six Rivers Planned Parenthood Heritage Society are members of Six Rivers Planned Parenthood who have made a commitment to remember SRPP in their estate plans. The Society is coordinated by Beth Bray. The est. 100 Members include:[2]


The following have worked as volunteers for SRPP:[2]

Clinic Workers

As at October 2008, the following were clinic workers at the SRPP-operated Eureka Clinic Abortion business:[2]


The following have made donations to SRPP:[2]

Donations in Memoriam/in Honor of

The following is a list of donations made in memoriam to, or in honor of an individual. The list was found in the organization's Fall 2008 Newsletter:[2]

Business Supporters

Six Rivers Planned Parenthood states that it depends on local businesses to help it "provide high quality reproductive health care and education." Local businesses support the Planned Parenthood affiliate through monetary donations, in-kind donations, and sponorships. As at Aug. 23, 2012, the following were listed as supporting businesses:[4]

Spare Change

The following have been involved with or members of SRPP's youth branch, Spare Change:

Humboldt County Clergy for Choice

Humboldt County Clergy for Choice is an initiative of SRPP.


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