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Soraiya Daud

Soraiya Daud is a feminist who identifies with the Muslim religion. She is currently studying at the University of Auckland and holds the position of Women's Rights Officer at the University's Student Association.


Daud is studying for a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Studies and Geography at the University of Auckland.[1]

AUSA Women's Rights

In 2009 Daud was elected to the position of Women’s Rights Officer on the Auckland University Students' Association executive. She will hold the position for the duration of 2010.[1] The Women’s Rights Officer advocates for female students, and administers the smooth running of Womenspace, across from the Common Room.[2] She is responsible to the Executive for all matters that concern the Association that are connected with women's rights.[3]

Young Labour Member

Daud is a member of Young Labour, the youth-wing of the Labour Party. She is also a member of Grassroots Labour.[4]

Opposing Pro-Life Club Affiliation

On 11 May 2010 in a message to supporters on Facebook, Daud encouraged pro-abortion students to attend the 12 May SRC to oppose Prolife Auckland's attempt to affiliate with the Auckland University Students' Association. She stated,

"I just got wind that the pro-life club are affiliating at tomorrows SRC... If you can, please come to SRC at 1pm in the Quad tomorrow and have a say over whether this group should be allowed to affiliate tomorrow. Remember, this isn't just about whether abortion is right or wrong, it's about whether we want this club to have presence at our university."

Anti-choice groups are NOT welcome at University of Auckland

As at 13 May 2010, Daud was a member and administrator of the Facebook group entitled Anti-choice groups are NOT welcome at University of Auckland. In its description, the group first makes the implication that Prolife Auckland is an "anti-choice" group. It then goes on to make the statement that all anti-choice groups spread mis-information and propaganda. It specifically accuses Prolife Auckland of being a "hate group", and states that Prolife Auckland has accused abortive women and abortionists of being murderers. These statements are all untrue and defamatory. The group's description follows:

"Anti-choice groups cause immense psychological harm to people who are already vulnerable. They spread mis-information and propaganda. They are a hate group who accuse people who have obtained abortions or have helped people obtain abortions as murderers. University should be a safe place. It will not be if they affiliate."[5]

Campus Feminist Collective

As at 21 July, 2010, Soraiya Daud was an administrator of the Facebook group for the Campus Feminist Collective at the University of Auckland.[6]

Attended "Attacks on Choice" Event

Participants at the "Attacks on Choice" Event

On 23 July, 2010, Janet Roth, Communist League and Toni Haraldsen, Campus Feminist Collective attended a meeting organised by the Campus Feminist Collective at the University of Auckland which was entitled “Attacks on Choice". Speaking at the event was Tom Baumann, a leader of the Young Socialists from the United States.[7] The following stated that they intended to attend the event: Zannii Anderscum, Caroline Fergusson, Gabrielle Ch-, Soraiya Daud, Nicole Maree Wallace, Miriam Williams, Natasha Lewis, Juliet Thomborson, Matthew Goode, Tove Partington, Toni Haraldsen.[8]


In 2007 while studying at Victoria University, Daud was a member of the Muslim Student’s Association, and Just Action. She is currently a member of the Campus Feminist Collective, the Auckland University Islamic Society and Oxfam on Campus.[1]


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