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Carol Blowers

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/* Interfaith Advocacy Day */
==Interfaith Advocacy Day==
[[Carol Blowers]], [[Ross Levi]], [[Andrew Coates]] and [[Demi McGuire]] were speakers at the Pre-Advocacy Briefing and Dinner of the Interfaith Advocacy Day of May 18, 2008, an event hosted by [[Interfaith IMPACT of NYS]] and [[Reform Jewish Voice of New York State]]. On May 19, 2008, this event was followed by the Interfaith Legislative Advocacy Day, where teams of participants were joined by experienced advocates and met with key legislators and other policy makers. The issues advocated for were: Comprehensive comprehensive reproductive health care, including sexuality education for teens; Marriage marriage equality for same gender couples and dignity for all students and Universal universal health care. <ref>[] (accessed on July 25, 2012)</ref>