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List of U.S. Abortion Businesses

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This page contains a '''List of U.S. Abortion Businesses''' and is a work in progress.
==About This List==
The list includes abortion businesses that are closed down as well as those that are still in operation. The majority of currently operating businesses listed on this page were originally collated into a list by [[Life Dynamics]]. [ Click here] to view this list. All other businesses listed will have a reference that provides a source for the claim that that business is (or was) in fact an abortion business.
'''Please Note:'''*If an abortion businesses has been crossed out, this indicates that the business has been closed down.*Some of the names of abortion businesses may not be listed correctly. This is because it is not always straightforward to determine the correct name for an abortion business.*This list is a work in progress.
*[[New Woman All Women Health]], 1001 17th St. S., Birmingham, AL 35205; phone 205-933-1118 *[[Planned Parenthood of Alabama - 205-322-2121Birmingham Center]], 1211 27th Place S., Birmingham, AL 35205  *[[Alabama Women's Center for Reproductive Alternatives - 256-536-2231]], 612 Madison St. SE, Huntsville, AL 35801  *[[Planned Parenthood - 251-342-6695Mobile Center]], 717 Downtowner Loop West, Mobile, AL 36609  *[[Reproductive Health Services of Montgomery]], 811 South Perry St., Montgomery, AL 36109  *[[West Alabama Women's Center - 205-556-2026]], 535 Jack Warner Pkwy. NE, # I, Tuscaloosa, AL 35404