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New Woman All Women Health Care

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The New Woman All Women Health Care abortion business commits surgical abortions through to 17 weeks. They also commit [[RU486]] Chemical abortions.<ref>[ New Woman All Women Health: ''Fee Schedule''] (accessed on Oct. 4, 2012)</ref>
On Feb. 8, 2013, the [[Life Legal Defense Foundation]] provided the following update concerning the future of the facility:
:''"Per Brian Hale, Rainwater did not submit any new documents since the January deadline. Therefore the license was denied as incomplete."''
This meant that the most recent application for the reopening of the facility had been officially denied.
*[[Dianne Derzis]], owner<ref>[ ''Good Friday: Alabama abortion mill shutting down due to numerous health code violations'', April 8, 2012] (accessed on Oct. 4, 2012)</ref>
*[[Ivan Diamond]], abortionist(until circa Feb. 2012)<ref>[ ''PRAISE GOD! ONE LESS ABORTIONIST IN ALABAMA'', Feb. 6, 2012] (accessed on Oct. 4, 2012)</ref>
*[[Jacquelyn Fields]], lab technician (2011 - present)<ref>[ ''Jacquelyn Fields's profile''] (accessed on Oct. 4, 2012)</ref>
*[[Bruce Elliott Norman]]<ref name=ad>[ ''New Woman All Women Health''] (accessed on Oct. 4, 2012)</ref>
*[[Patrick Smith]]<ref name=ad/>
==911 Calls==
On Jan. 21, 2012, pro-lifers witnessing outside the abortion business observed two instances of women being carried out the back door of the facility into waiting ambulances. The facility could not accommodate a gurney which forced responders to carry the first victim out. The second victim was transported down the steps in a wheelchair.<ref>[ ''Two botched abortions; no gurney access'', Jan. 21, 2012] (accessed on Oct. 4, 2012)</ref> An image gallery of the two incidents is below, courtesy of [[Jill Stanek]].
File:20120121-192853.jpeg|ambulance & fire engine at the facility
File:20120121-191413.jpeg|victim 1 is carried out
File:20120121-191922.jpeg|victim 1 laid on a gurney
File:20120121-192221.jpeg|victim 2 is wheeled out
File:20120121-192631.jpeg|victim 2 is placed in ambulance
==Surrender of Licence to Operate==
The Alabama Department of Public Health investigated the business in response to a complaint received in January. The department found "significant failures in maintaining compliance... for safe and effective provision of care." The complaint came after two patients were sent to a hospital from the clinic on Jan. 21 after getting overdoses of the drug vasopressin, which is used to stem blood loss after abortions and other gynecologic surgeries. According to the agency's report, investigators found that there weren't policies in place to deal with medication errors, that some providers didn't have proof they were trained in performing abortions, as well as other rules violations.<ref>[ ''Alabama Health Department: Birmingham women's clinic to hand over license'', April 6, 2012] (accessed on Oct. 4, 2012)</ref>
The clinic's owner [[Dianne Derzis]] agreed in April to surrender the facility's license after the investigation. As part of the agreement, the state ordered the facility to cease performing abortions by May 11 and surrender its license by May 18, 2012 unless a new operator could successfully apply for a state license.<ref>[ ''New Woman All Women Health Clinic in Birmingham no longer to have license to operate after today'', May 18, 2012] (accessed on Oct. 4, 2012)</ref>
==Contact Details==