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Simon Snook

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==Regis Clinic==
The [[Regis Clinic]] was formally launched in 2007 by Simon Snook. On the [[Regis Clinic]] website, the purpose of the clinic is stated:'' "The intention of the clinic is to offer care in all areas of sexual wellbeing. We achieve this by removing the artificial boundaries that exist in other clinics who only deal with one area of sexual health or another."''<ref>[ Regis Clinic website: Welcome] (accessed on 5 May, 2010)</ref>
==Certifying Consultant==
As at 11 November, 2009, Snook was a [[:Category:Certifying Consultant|Certifying Consultant]] at the Masterton Public Hospital. Certifying consultants have the job of approving or disapproving a mother being permitted to have her pre-born child killed by abortion.<ref>[ website: ''Certifying Consultants''] (accessed on 25 August, 2010)</ref>
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