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John Taylor

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[[File:John taylor nz abortionist.jpg|thumb|John Taylor]]'''John Heywood Taylor''' (died in Auckland on 30 December 2008) was a late-term abortionist at the [[Epsom Day Unit]] abortion mill. He was married to [[Marie Taylor]] and the couple had four children. His daughter [[Alison Knowles]] is also an abortionist.<ref name=alranz>[ ALRANZ Newsletter, Feb. 2009]</ref> ==Education & Early Life==Taylor was educated at Auckland Grammar School where he was head prefect, senior athletic champion, and captain of hockey. He represented Otago University in hockey and tennis. He graduated MB ChB, from Otago in 1953. The following year he married [[Marie Lindberg]]. He has four children, Richard, Susan, Jennifer, and [[Alison Knowles]]. Taylor was one of the early obstetricians and gynaecologists to develop a special interest in family planning. He was at the forefront of leadership following the legalisation of abortion in NZ in 1977. It was said of him that he demonstrated tolerance and respect to those with views contrary to his own, even those who picketed his surgery and home.<ref name=obit>[ Journal of the New Zealand Medical Association, 05-June-2009, Vol 122 No 1296: ''Obituary for John Heywood Taylor''], by [[Ron Jones]] and [[Michael Cooper]] (accessed on Feb. 28, 2011)</ref> ==Training to be an Abortionist==Following house surgeon years in Wanganui he commenced specialist training in obstetrics and gynaecology at St Helen’s Hospital in Christchurch. For the first 6 months he was on continuous duty.He continued his postgraduate training at the young National Women’s Hospital (NWH) which was at that time beginning to establish an international reputation in research and teaching.He proceeded to England, completing his training in the King’s College Hospital group in London, passing his MRCOG in 1959. The following year he returned to Auckland entering private practice with Bernie Kyle. He joined the Part-Time Visiting Staff at NWH in 1961 and remained on C Team until his retirement in 1993. He was a member of the surgical staff of Rawhiti and Brightside Hospitals.Early in his career he developed a special interest in family planning, later in termination of unwanted pregnancy. His desire to extend his knowledge and improve his technical skills—for the benefit of New Zealand women—stimulated periods of overseas study, including at the University College of Los Angeles. He introduced day case vaginal tubal ligation and mid-trimester surgical abortions.<ref name=obit/> ==St. Margaret's Hospital==From 1978 Taylor worked as medical co-ordinator for abortions at St. Margaret’s Hospital.<ref name=obit/>
==Epsom Day Unit==
In 1978 John Taylor was asked to be the Medical Director of the abortion service for the Auckland Hospital Board. He remained in that position at the Epsom Day Hospital until his retirement. During his career he taught and influenced many doctors. Tylor was "a great supporter of Family Planning and the prevention of unplanned pregnancies."<ref name=alranz/>
==Supporting FPA==
Taylor and his wife Marie demonstrated their commitment to the provision of contraception for the underprivileged by their generous support of the [[Family Planning Association]].<ref name=obit/>
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