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  • ...outh in the United States. Members of NCSSE represent a broad constituency of education advocates and professionals, health care professionals, religious The following are member organizations of the coalition:<ref>[ NCSSE: ''Memb
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  • ...t it is guided by the issues and recommendations identified in the Program of Action agreed on at the [[International Conference on Population and Develo From 2006-2012, RH Reality Check enjoyed the support of the [[UN Foundation]]. In January 2012 the website branched off officially
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  • ...on]] (IPPF). It is the largest abortion business in the [[United States of America]]. The [[Planned Parenthood Action Fund]], Inc. (PPAF) which serves as Plan [[Planned Parenthood - Personnel|Click here]] to view a list of individuals who have worked for Planned Parenthood.
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  • ...arhart also commits abortions part-time at the Affiliated Women's Services of Indianopolis, Indiana. <ref>[ ...ud]]. The mission of [[Faith Aloud]] is "to eliminate the religious stigma of abortion," and was incorporated in 1982. <ref name=2011report>[http://www.f
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  • ...bortion group. They claim to be the largest group of feminist activists in America.<ref name=discover/> in all 50 states and the District of Columbia and hundreds of thousands of contributing members and supporters.<ref name=discover>[
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  • '''Catholics for Obama''' was formed in 2007 with the purpose of seeing [[Barack Obama]] elected president. On their website the organization states,<ref>[ ''Catholic
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  • '''NARAL Pro-Choice New York''' is the state affiliate of [[NARAL Pro-Choice America]]. The affiliate describes itself as "the state’s foremost pro-choice pol ...eeing a woman's right "to make personal decisions regarding the full range of reproductive choices, including preventing unintended pregnancy, bearing he
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  • aims of promoting sexual and reproductive health, advocating the right of individuals to make their own choices in family planning. IPPF has 152 nati ...g/popin/unpopcom/32ndsess/gass/state/ippf.pdf IPPF ''-21st Special Session of the UN'' (accessed on Septermber 20, 2012) ]</ref>
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  • ...binson) is the First Lady of the United States of America. She is the wife of President [[Barack Obama]]. ...ortant to ask them if they’re registered to vote, and to give them a few of the simple facts that the First Lady gave you today."''
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  • #REDIRECT [[United States of America]]
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  • ...e: ''Religious Declaration on Sexual Morality, Justice, and Healing - List of Endorsers''] (accessed on Sep. 14, 2012)</ref> *Rev. Dr. Z. Allen Abbott; American Baptist Church, New Hampshire Council of Churches; W. Lebanon, NH
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  • '''Texas''' is one of the states making up the [[United States of America]]. [[:Category:Texas Abortionist|Click here]] for a list of Texas abortionists.
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  • ...ive health issues. For the past five years, he was Chief Executive Officer of El Centro Family Health, a non-profit primary care organization in Español ...s (UNM) School of Medicine clinical faculty for 25 years and was a member of the New Mexico Medical Board and the EMS Licensing Commission.
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  • ...d, as the wife of President [[Bill Clinton]], was First Lady of the United States from 1993 to 2001. She was a leading candidate for the Democratic Party's n not a right that any of us should take for granted. There are a number of forces at work in our society that would try to turn back the clock and und
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  • Congressional Record, "Extensions of Remarks Submitted by Congressman Christopher R. Smith (R‑NJ),” December ...iptions focus on our core legal program. We have not included descriptions of our state and federal programs as well as our ongoing counsel to providers
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