Statement by Texas Religious Leaders Supporting Access to Birth Control

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The Statement by Texas Religious Leaders Supporting Access to Birth Control is a project of the Texas Faith Network. This group is a project of the Texas Freedom Network Education Fund which was founded in 1995 by Cecile Richards.

Text of the Statement

The Statement reads:[1]

"As leaders from many religious traditions across Texas, we affirm the fundamental importance of access to safe and affordable healthcare for women. The freedom to decide when to have children is essential to women’s health, individual rights and family stability in our state. Policies that restrict or deny access to contraception undermine our common spiritual commitment to these basic liberties.
We believe decisions about birth control are appropriately made by individuals — not employers or the government. In order to protect religious freedom and individual conscience, we believe institutions that employ and serve the general public should not be allowed to deny individuals access to — or coverage of — contraception by asserting religious reasons.
United in these common convictions, we call on our state leaders to:
  • Support policies that ensure adequate funding and broad availability of birth control, especially for low- and moderate-income women.
  • Uphold policies that protect an individual’s ability to access birth control according to her or his own conscience or religious beliefs.

Statement Advisory Board

The following were members of the advisory board for the effort:[1]


The Faith Network invited religious leaders from around Texas to speak out in support of government funding of birth control. Religious leaders who signed the statement include:[1]


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