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Susan Talve, Missouri

Faith Aloud

As at 2011, Susan Talve appeared on a "Words of Comfort" DVD produced by Faith Aloud. The mission of Faith Aloud is "to eliminate the religious stigma of abortion," and was incorporated in 1982. [1]

Central Reform Congregation

Susan Talve is the founder of the Central Reform Congregation. The Central Reform Congregation is the only Jewish Congregation in St. Louis. [2]

St. Louis Rabbinical Association

Susan Talve was previously the president of the St. Louis Rabbinical Association, which serves as the rabbinical presence for communities.[2]

Jewish Early Learning Cooperative

Talve founded the Jewish Early Learning Cooperative, which is "Ohio’s first licensed infant childcare program in the workplace". [2]


Talve is on the board of Community-Health-In-Partnership which provides healthcare to the uninsured.[2]

Missouri Health Care for All

Talve is a member of the Missouri Health Care for All, which provides healthcare to all Missouri citizens.[2]

Dollar-Help, Inc.

Talve is the Vice President for Dollar-Help, Inc..[2]


-Talve received the Stephen Levinson Award for Community Service.[2] -The Jewish Federation of St. Louis gave the Stephen Levinson Award for Community Service to Talve in 1992.[2] -Talve received the Trumpet of Justice Award by the Institute of Peace and Justice.[2] -The Brotherhood and Sisterhood Award of the National Conference of Community and Justice was given to Talve in 2000. [2]


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