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Tammy Steeves

Dr. Tammy Steeves is a professor at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. She is Canadian-born. She has been on the Family Planning Council since 2007, and was elected President of the Council in 2010.[1]

Family Planning Association

Steeves has been on the Family Planning Council since 2007, served as deputy president since 2008, and was elected President of the Council in 2010.[2] She succeeded Linda Penno who stood down at the 2009 Annual General Meeting after completing her terms as President. Following her election as president, Steeves acknowledged the thirteen "extraordinary women" who had held the role before her: Elsie Locke, Lois Suckling, Jean Dawson, Elsie Beaglehole, Marie Griffin, Phyllis Zeff, Dr. Alice Bush, Doris Nicholson, Dr. Olga Batt, Christine Taylor, Candis Craven, Helen Eskett and now Linda Penno. Steves made the following comment about these previous presidents:

“This remarkable group of women fronted Family Planning over some of the most remarkable social, economic and political changes New Zealand has ever seen. With the support of Council I am confident that we will honour the legacy of the last 73 years whilst looking forward and embracing the challenges ahead."[1]

Celebration of "The Pill"

Tammy Steeves and Margaret Sparrow cut the cake

Following the formalities of the 2009 AGM of the Family Planning Association, a celebration of 50 years of the contraceptive pill was held. Participants tested their knowledge in a "light-hearted pill quiz" and then newly elected FPA President Dr. Tammy Steeves and former FPA abortionist, Dame Margaret Sparrow cut a cake to celebrate the pill’s golden anniversary. Sparrow was one of the first women in New Zealand to use the contraceptive pill.[1]

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