Teresa K. M. Danieley

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Teresa K. M. Danieley, Missouri

Faith Aloud

As at 2011, Saskia Shuman is the treasurer for Faith Aloud. The mission of Faith Aloud is "to eliminate the religious stigma of abortion," and was incorporated in 1982. [1]

Personal Life

Teresa K. M. Danieley is a rector (pastor) at St. John's Episcopal Church in the diocese of Missouri. Danieley was a faith committee co-chair at St. Louis Area Jobs with Justice. Danieley was previously a seminarian and deacon at St. James Episcopal Church and a seminary summer program coordinator at Interfaith Worker Justice. From April 1998-June 1999, Danieley was a magee fellow and program coordinator at Dwight Hall: The Center for Public Service and Social Justice at Yale. [2]


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