The 2008 Obama Campaign Catholic National Advisory Council

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The 2008 Obama Campaign Catholic National Advisory Council


The Council contained three governors, six senators, and 16 House members, for a total of 25 elected officials. Twenty-two of the 25 are solidly pro-abortion politicians.[1] The council did include some Catholics whose pro-life credentials are impeccable, including Minnesota Congressman James Oberstar. However of the 21 senators, congressmen and governors listed on the council's National Leadership Committee, 17 have a 90%-100% NARAL approval rating. Even Mr. Casey now enjoys a 65% NARAL approval rating.[2]


On April 11, 2008 the Obama Campaign released the names on its Catholic National Advisory Council.[1] The following served on the council:[3]

National Co-Chairs

National Steering Committee

  • Mary Jo Bane, Professor, Harvard Kennedy School
  • Nicholas P. Cafardi, Catholic Author and Scholar, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Lisa Cahill, Professor of Theology, Boston College
  • M. Shawn Copeland, Associate Professor of Theology, Boston College
  • Ron Cruz, Leadership Development Consultant, Burke, VA
  • Sharon Daly, Social Justice Advocate, Knoxville, MD
  • Richard Gaillardetz, Murray/Bacik Professor of Catholic Studies, University of Toledo
  • Grant Gallicho, Associate Editor, Commonweal Magazine
  • Margaret Gannon, IHM, A Sister of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Scranton, PA
  • Don Guter, Judge Advocate General of the Navy (2000-2002); Rear Admiral, Judge Advocate General’s Corps, U.S. Navy (Ret.), Pittsburgh, PA
  • Cathleen Kaveny, Professor of Law and Professor of Theology, University of Notre Dame
  • Jim Kesteloot, President and Executive Director, Chicago Lighthouse
  • Vincent Miller, Associate Professor of Theology, Georgetown University
  • David O’Brien, Loyola Professor of Catholic Studies at the College of the Holy Cross
  • Peter Quaranto, Senior Researcher and Conflict Analyst, Resolve Uganda (Notre Dame Class of 2006)
  • Dave Robinson, International Peace Advocate, Erie, Pennsylvania
  • Vincent Rougeau, Associate Professor of Law, University of Notre Dame
  • Mary Wright, Inter-Faith Liaison, Louisville, KY

National Leadership Committee


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