Thomas F. Chen

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Thomas Chen

Thomas F. Chen is a director of Stericycle.


Chen received a Bachelor’s degree in International Business from National Cheng Chi University in Taipei, Taiwan, and also holds an M.B.A. from Indiana University.[1]

Professional Career

Chen served as senior vice president and president of international nutrition of Abbott Laboratories before retiring in 2010. During his 22-year career at Abbott, Mr. Chen served in a number of roles with expanded responsibilities, primarily in Pacific/Asia/Africa where he oversaw expansion into a number of emerging markets. Prior to Abbott, he held several management positions at American Cyanamid Company, which later merged with Pfizer. He is a director of Baxter International Inc. and formerly served as a director of Cyanotech Corporation.[1]


Chen has served as a director of Stericycle since May 2014.[1]

Aid to the Abortion Industry

Stericycle has chosen to work for abortion facilities to dispose of the fetal remains from abortions.[2] Stericycle’s aid allows these clinics to continue killing preborn children. Since Chen is a director for Stericycle and profits from their collaboration with the abortion industry, responsibility for Stericycle’s actions falls upon him.


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