Timothy Liveright

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Timothy Liveright in 2009

Timothy Liveright is an abortionist who works for Planned Parenthood of Delaware. By his own account he has performed about 50,000 abortions across the country since about 1985.[1]

Planned Parenthood of Delaware

Sang Hymns During Abortions

Former abortion clinic worker RN Jayne Mitchell-Werbrich stated that Liveright would chant hymns, including one with the lyrics: “Jesus, oh Jesus, take the sinners down by the river, oh Jesus.” She said one patient had tears streaming from her eyes as Liveright sang. The abortionist stated that he tried to “put patients at ease.”[2]

Blue Valentine Movie

Timothy Liveright played the role of an abortionist in the 2010 movie "Blue Valentine" starring Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams.[3] The nurse in the scene is also an abortion worker. Click here to watch the abortion scene from the movie.


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