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Valerie Baker

Valerie Baker


Baker graduated from The College of New Jersey in 2003.[1]

While at TCNJ, The College of New Jersey participated in the "Women in Learning and Leadership" class which was directed by professor of women’s and gender studies, Mary Lynn Hopps. Baker also spent time at the "Women’s Center" which is affiliated with the "Women in Learning and Leadership" class. Of the Women's Center, classmate Emily Bent stated,[2]

"The Women’s Center was my space of resistance, my space of support. I could go and immediately connect with women of my same mindset. I loved saying what was on my mind and putting it all over campus. The Women’s Center is a space in which you can be as radical as you want, push limits in ways you might not be able to in other groups. The Women’s Center is where we really got angry and pushed the limit as much as we could."

HUMEDCO Corporation

According to her LinkedIn profile, as at Aug. 15, 2012, Valerie Baker worked as Center Compliance & Support Coodinator for the HUMEDCO Corporation.[3] As at Feb. 21, 2013, Baker's profile on LinkedIn had been deleted.[4] However as at Feb. 21, Google still had Valerie Baker's LinkedIn profile listed in its search results.[5]

The HUMEDCO Corporation is headquartered in Cherry Hill, NJ and is a private company categorized under Hospitalization Plans-Medical and Surgical. It was established in 1970 and incorporated in New Jersey.[6] The Corporation owns at least three abortion businesses, including Atlanta Women's Medical Center[7], Cherry Hill Women's Center (which operates in building immediately next to HUMEDCO), and Northeast Women's Center.[8]


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