Verna Rapp Uthman

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Verna Rapp Uthman

Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice

For her contribution to Religious Coalition for Reproductive Rights, Verna Rapp Uthman is listed in the "Thank You for Your Support" page at the end of RCRC's 2009 Annual Report. She is listed under the Beacon section, as Ms. Verna Rapp Uthman. [1] She is also listed in the "Supporters" page of the 2010 Annual Report, under the Candle Lighters section. [2]

DPI/NGO Conferences

Uthman attended the 56th and 57th Annual DPI/NGO Conferences, organized by the United Nations Department of Public Information in September 2003 and 2004. For the 56th Annual Conference she is listed as a Contributor. [3] For the 57th Annual Conference she is listed as affiliated with the United Church of Christ Justice and Witness Ministries, from Cleveland, Ohio. [4]


Ms. Verna Rapp Uthman died at the age of 83 in November of 2011. The article about her life and legacy mentions her activism work, as well as her role as the United Church of Christ's Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Representative to the UN. [5]


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