Whole Woman's Health of McAllen

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Whole Woman's Health of McAllen is a Texas abortion business owned by abortion-business chain, Whole Woman's Health. The chain is owned and operated by Amy Hagstrom Miller.


Fined for Improper Fetus Disposal

On Feb. 8, 2012, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality ordered fines of $22,980 and $17,430 for Whole Woman's Health of Austin and Whole Woman's Health of McAllen respectively. TCEQ documents indicate the clinics changed waste disposal companies and have been in compliance since May. The clinics' violations lasted three years before officials investigated last year after a complaint. Texas regulations require the disposal of fetuses in specific ways. Stericycle's first step of “steam disinfection” was allowed, but regulations require the waste to be buried, not dumped in a municipal solid waste landfill. Stericycle, an Illinois-based international medical waste disposal company used by both clinics, was fined $42,612. A portion of all three fines was deferred.[3]


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