Wisconsin Assembly Bill 546

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Wisconsin Assembly Bill 546


The bill related to prohibiting an organization or affiliate of an organization that engages in abortion-related activities from receiving certain public funds, prohibiting an organization that receives certain public funds from using other public and private funds for abortion-related activities, specifying restrictions on affiliation between certain organizations, changing the types of information that may be provided by organizations that receive the funds, changing requirements related to the maternal and child health program and family planning services, and requiring audits.[1]

On March 14, 2002, the bill failed to pass pursuant to Senate Joint Resolution 1.


The following Representatives sponsored the bill: Gundrum, Starzyk, Albers, McCormick, Owens, Hundertmark, Krawczyk, Ladwig, Seratti, Meyerhofer, Suder, J. Fitzgerald, Grothman, Ryba, Pettis, Leibham, Nass, Huebsch, Duff, Urban, Freese, Kreibich, Ott, Hahn, Kedzie, M. Lehman, Sykora, D. Meyer, Kestell, Gunderson, Hoven, Walker, Loeffelholz, Gard, Vrakas, Petrowski and Bies; cosponsored by Senators Breske, Kanavas, Roessler, S. Fitzgerald, Lazich, Welch and Cowles.

Public Hearing

On October 10, 2001 the bill was referred to the Committee on Government Operations. On Feb. 13, 2002, the Committee on Government Operations held a public hearing on the bill. Members of the Committee on Government Operations, Representatives Wieckert, Loeffelholz, Starzyk and Steinbrink were present at the hearing.

The following individuals appeared at the hearing in support of the bill:

The following individuals appeared in opposition to the bill:

The following individuals registered their support for the bill:

The following individuals registered their opposition to the bill:

Renae Sieling, Oregon, appeared to obtain information on the bill.


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