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Women's Med Cincinnati (also known as the Lebanon Road Surgery Center) was an abortion facility located in Sharonville, Ohio. This facility is owned by the Women's Med Professional Corporation.[1]


Ceasing Abortions

In August 2014, Women's Med Cincinnati ceased committing abortions, abandoning its court fight and leaving the Cincinnati metropolitan area with one abortion facility, the Planned Parenthood Elizabeth Campbell Medical Center. A Cincinnati.com article explained the facility's decision:[4]

"Women's Med had appealed in court the Ohio Department of Health's ruling to revoke its surgical license. The clinic hasn't been able to attain a patient-transfer agreement with a local private hospital as a new law requires. Ohio law allows the state health department to grant exceptions to such rules, but the department denied Women's Med a so-called "variance" as it had received in past years.
On Friday, Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Jerome Metz Jr. ruled he lacked jurisdiction to override the order from the health department. Ohio rules give the state health department's director "sole discretion" to decide whether such clinics can operate without a transfer agreement – in which local hospitals agree to admit clinic patients if needed.
Women's Med – also known as the Lebanon Road Surgery Center – said Wednesday it would not appeal Metz's decision.
Instead, it will see patients in Cincinnati for their legally required pre-abortion appointment, then send them to its Dayton facility, also owned by Martin and Val Haskell, for abortions."


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