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Young Women's Christian Association, commonly abbreviated as YMCA, is a worldwide organization seeking to empower women with rights. The group has numerous chapters which pertain to a specific country or local area.


The organization started in London, England during the year 1855. An American chapter was formed three years later, but YWCA USA itself did not exist until 1906.

Pro-Abortion Position

Below is the position on abortion taken by the YWCA:[1]

"The position of the YWCA is not "pro-abortion." It is a position supporting a woman's right to make an individual decision based upon her own religious and ethical beliefs and her physician's guidance. This is the position taken by the Supreme Court on January 22, 1973, in the case of Roe v. Wade. The Court recognized that science cannot tell us "when life begins," for to science, all life is continuum. The answer to the question, "When does personhood begin?" must remain in the ethical and religious realm...
...Legal restrictions and prohibition of abortions affect primarily poor women, depriving them of safe, medically approved abortions, while women of means can travel to locations where abortion is legal and safe. The problem of unwanted pregnancies cannot be solved by outlawing abortions, and the denial of public funding for abortions prevents some women from exercising a Constitutional right guaranteed to all."


Abortion referrals

YWCA Canada provides visitors with a list of numerous abortion clinics available in Canada. This includes the Morgentaler Clinic chain, which consists of five locations across the country. Although YWCA Canada also provides resources about child care, they do not present adoption as an option on their website.[2]

Safety Siren

In Canada, YWCA released a Safety Siren app for Android, BlackBerry and iOS devices providing information about the group. The app doubles as a personal alarm, designed to help prevent violence on women by making a siren noise in an attempt to scare away the assailant.[3]


YWCA USA is part of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice's council of governors.[4]


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