New Chrome Extension Changes “Pro-Choice” to “Pro-Abortion

On February 20, ThinkProgress announced the release of a new extension for Google Chrome that changes instances of “pro-life” to “anti-choice” in online articles.

Advocates of legal abortion consider the term “anti-choice” to be a badge of dishonor. However as I have noted previously, if you use the word “choice” to refer to the callous dismemberment & discarding of a preborn human child, then yes – I’m proudly anti-choice.

It would be more accurate for the pro-abortion crowd to refer to pro-lifers as anti-abortion-choice. But we know that they can’t stand the A-word, and that they’d rather mischaracterize us as backwards bigots who are blindly opposed to choice. Who could be against choice? Isn’t choice a good thing? Everyone is pro-choice. But some choices are wrong. The real question is, which choices do you support or defend?

So I have created my own extension for Google Chrome. It changes all instances of “pro-choice” to “pro-abortion,” and it changes “anti-choice” to “pro-life.” Here’s an example of how it works:

I chose to use the term “pro-abortion” instead of “pro-abortion-choice” not only because the latter is too much of a mouthful and disrupts the flow of the sentence, but also because it is a fair term to apply to those who support the choice to dismember a living child and throw her in the medical waste container.

Click here to get the new extension for Google Chrome: Change “Pro-Choice” to “Pro-Abortion” >>

When we refer to those who support the right of a state to execute criminals as being pro-death-penalty, we are not implying that these individuals support the state executing every citizen. Rather, we acknowledge that the term implies that the position of the individual is such that it is the right of the state to determine whether or not to enforce the death penalty based on laws specific to certain crimes.

The same applies to individuals who support the right of a woman to have her child killed by an abortionist. We are not implying that people we refer to as pro-abortion believe that every woman must have her child killed by an abortionist. Rather, we affirm that the term implies that the position of the pro-abortion individual is that every woman has the right to choose whether or not she will have her child killed by an abortionist.

I hope this new Google Chrome extension is useful to some. More importantly though, I hope it helps make the point that terminology matters. “Anti-choice” is indeed a disingenuous term to apply to those who are anti-the abortion choice. And “Pro-choice” is likewise, not an accurate term to apply to those who support taking the choice to live away from those who have no voice. 

How YOU Can Help Expose the Abortion Industry

Calling all sidewalk counselors & abortion clinic protesters…

AbortionWiki exists to expose the abortion industry. We know that most of those who profit from abortion are not anxious for their involvement to be made public. So that’s exactly what we’re doing. We’re building a huge online, publicly accessible database, covering all aspects of the abortion industry and abortion lobby.

We’re raising the stakes.A large percentage of those in the industry are not involved because they are hardcore abortion supporters. It’s just a job that lets them put food on the table. These workers are the ones who are most likely to leave the industry when they realize that they are being held accountable for their involvement in the killing of preborn children.

And we’re making it less desirable for new workers to enter the abortion industry.

This is where YOU come in.

We need sidewalk counselors and abortion clinic protestors all around the World to send us information. This information will then be uploaded to the database. Here are some examples of information you can submit:

  • Names of abortion clinic workers
  • Photos of abortionists and clinic workers
  • Photos of businesses (i.e. medical waste, electricians) that do work for abortion clinics
  • Evidence of local businesses that support abortion clinics or pro-abortion groups
  • Information on local pro-abortion groups
  • Documentation of emergencies at abortion clinics

Submit information via email:

If you would like further information, please either email us or phone: 815-277-6244

AbortionWiki Hits 1,000 Articles

We are excited to announce that we have reached a milestone! We now have over 1,000 articles on our website.

AbortionWiki serves as a publicly accessible online database on the abortion industry and the abortion lobby.

What sort of articles do we have on AbortionWiki?

Every article is a work in progress. There is always more that can be discovered and added to each article. Always further connections to be made and the latest details to be added in order to ensure that AbortionWiki has the go-to article on every individual, group and issue relevant to the injustice of abortion.

One thousand articles is just the beginning, however. We believe that once we have 50,000 quality articles we will have begun to truly paint a picture of how the abortion industry and lobby operate.

By holding to account a substantial number of those involved in the abortion industry and lobby, we can have a significant impact. No matter their degree of involvement in supporting abortion, if an individuals choose to support a pro-abortion group, we will create an article about them.

After all, if there’s nothing wrong with abortion, what do they have to hide? Surely they should be proud of their work on behalf of “reproductive justice.” Not so. It may surprise you just how many of those involved in committing abortions or supporting those who do wish to have their involvement kept under wraps.

At AbortionWiki we are committed to increasing transparency in the pro-abortion lobby and industry. We want those involved and yet to be involved to know that their actions and words are being noted and will be made public record.

We have learned that by exposing those who support or are involved in committing abortion, we are making it increasingly less desirable for others to put their names forth and speak out in favor of abortion.

In effect, AbortionWiki is raising the stakes for those considering getting involved in the abortion industry and lobby. And we are making it more uncomfortable for those already involved. Those involved in child killing should not be comfortable.

Will you join us?

From the Horse’s Mouth: AbortionWiki is Effective

Alison McCulloch

In a September 9, 2012 article in New Zealand’s Sunday Star Times newspaper, columnist Ian Steward wrote a piece on AbortionWiki founder/director, Andy Moore. We’ve copied below comments from the article made by radical advocate of decriminalizing abortion, Alison McCulloch. Steward contacted McCulloch for comment on Moore and AbortionWiki. We were encouraged to read her thoughts, and have confirmed our understanding that the strategy being carried out by AbortionWiki is indeed effective. The relevant paragraph is copied below, with the key section in bold:

“One person who has tracked Andy Moore’s career is Alison McCulloch, a Bay of Plenty columnist and member of ALRANZ – the Abortion Law Reform Association of New Zealand. Moore first rose to prominence in New Zealand when he set uop a spoof ALRANZ site with large pictures of aborted fetuses. McCulloch said the images were shocking and the group set about reclaiming the domain name from Moore. McCulloch is now named on Moore’s Abortion Wiki site among other Pro-Choice advocates. “I find the Abortion Wiki to be a part of a way of intimidating people,” she said. “It does have a chilling effect on people’s involvement – there’s a photo of me, details of me. When you Google yourself the Wiki comes up first.” McCulloch said she had been asked about her Pro-Choice stance at job interviews, obviously from employers having seen Moore’s coverage of her. Although being singled out for attention has its pitfalls, McCulloch said there was a lighter side: ” At one point it became something of a badge of honour to be on Andy’s wiki with a couple of pro-choice people grumbling on ALRANZ’s Facebook page that they didn’t have a profile yet, and wondering why not.” McCulloch approved of Moore moving to America. “It suits him a lot more than the way things are approached in New Zealand.”

McCulloch stated that AbortionWiki has an intimidating, chilling effect on people’s involvement. While AbortionWiki strongly decries threats and acts of violence or harassment, it is our intention to put pressure on individuals and organizations who work in or are affiliated with the abortion industry. It is our intention that this pressure would translate into a steady decrease in the numbers of those both directly involved killing preborn children, and also of those who support this practice. We are aware that a few staunch activists such as McCulloch will not bend to this pressure. However we also know that many would prefer not to have their involvement with this industry made public, and that they would therefore refrain from becoming involved in the first place.

The final point worth noting here, is McCulloch’s comment that articles on AbortionWiki are displayed high up in search results. We are aware of this. It is our intention that people or organizations that are influential upon another person or organization (such as an employer) would be able to gain valuable information on those involved in the abortion industry. This information would then help these employers, other individuals, or organizations to make better-informed decisions regarding whether or not to affiliate with an individual or organization that has chosen to affiliate itself with the abortion industry.

Click here to read the article. Full text of the article is copied below.

“Being an anti-abortionist in New Zealand sucks. Atheists outnumber Christians. No one in the mainstream media takes you seriously, and the odds of actually bringing about a law change are roughly nil.

In the US though, it’s quite a different story – as a young Christchurch pro-lifer has found since he packed his unborn baby placards and got on the plane to Texas in 2010.

Andy Moore, 27, was born and raised in Christchurch but he now lives in Dallas. As everyone knows, things in Texas are bigger. And that includes social wars like the Pro-choice / Pro-life debate that gets Americans hot under the collar. While New Zealand’s anti-abortion and pro-abortion lobbies are relatively small, in America whole radio stations are devoted to the cause and groups and media outlets devoted to abortion, both for and against, are legion. Moore runs the increasingly-influential website Abortion Wiki and publishes stories like the “sting” run on an Orlando, Florida abortion clinic in August.

An Abortion Wiki operative contacted a suspended abortion doctor seeking a termination for a 32-week-old fetus. Moore then published the correspondence between them showing the doctor paying lip service to laws but appearing to get the money side of the equation running (USD$18,000) before the confirmation that the requested abortion was legitimate.

Moore is something of an anomaly. On his website he looks slightly grungy and professes to a love of Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Rather than the leftie type you may expect though, he was involved as a student in ACT on Campus and has been a staunch anti-abortionist for years now. There are videos of him on Youtube protesting outside Christchurch hospitals, and taking it pretty well when a man shows up with a sign reading “asshole” and an arrow pointing at Moore.

In 2009 his life changed when he brought the prominent American Pro-Lifer Jill Stanek to New Zealand on a speaking tour. Stanek, a former nurse, is something of a Pro-Life celebrity in the States. She was invited by then-President George W. Bush to the signing of the 2002 Born Alive Infants Protection Act which extended protection to babies born alive after failed abortions. Bush jr singled her out for thanks and invited her back the next year for the signing of the Partial Birth Abortion Ban.

Moore and Stanek hit it off. “She came right out and said ‘you should meet my daughter’.” Moore met Deana Stanek on Facebook and they hit it off. He flew to Stanek’s Illinois home on April 19, 2011. The pair eloped on July 15. They now live in Dallas and have a son, Levi, who is four months old. They undertake abortion stings together like the time they went to a late-term abortion clinic to see what options they were given – “the assumption was we were going to have an abortion – they’re supposed to, by law, give options and counselling”.

Stanek senior wrote on her blog that Andy and Daena “found they were peas in a pod, having compatible personalities, interests, values, and, most importantly, a shared faith in God”. “And it turns out I’m a pretty good pro-life matchmaker!”

Moving to America has been like moving into the big leagues – as if he was in a Christchurch baseball team and then got drafted by the New York Yankees. “It’s almost like I got a bit too big for the pond back in New Zealand,” Moore said. But the scale of things in America is daunting. “People are welcoming but everything is big, it’s so fast paced.” And Americans know how to argue. “The debate is not as taboo. Politics and religion are dinner table conversation. The rhetoric is harsh and unforgiving – you’re either hardcore for one or the there.” While Moore disassociates himself from violent actions, Pro-Choicers here in New Zealand say his website reads as a “who’s who” of radical anti-abortionists. And Moore was visited by the FBI following a protest outside a clinic in Dallas. The agents said they just wanted to talk about the bounds of protesting, though the Pro-Lifers have interpreted it is a clear effort to intimidate. Moore has been supported by the pro-bono Life Legal Defense Fund which claims the Obama administration is engaging in a “witch hunt” and targetting peaceful sidewalk protesters like Moore.

One person who has tracked Andy Moore’s career is Alison McCulloch, a Bay of Plenty columnist and member of ALRANZ – the Abortion Law Reform Association of New Zealand. Moore first rose to prominence in New Zealand when he set uop a spoof ALRANZ site with large pictures of aborted fetuses. McCulloch said the images were shocking and the group set about reclaiming the domain name from Moore. McCulloch is now named on Moore’s Abortion Wiki site among other Pro-Choice advocates. “I find the Abortion Wiki to be a part of a way of intimidating people,” she said. “”It does have a chilling effect on people’s involvement – there’s a phot of me, details of me. When you Google yourself the Wiki comes up first.” McCulloch said she had been asked about her Pro-Life stance at job interviews, obviously from employers having seen Moore’s coverage of her. Although being singled out for attention has its pitfalls, McCulloch said there was a lighter side: ” At one point it became something of a badge of honour to be on Andy’s wiki with a couple of pro-choice people grumbling on ALRANZ’s Facebook page that they didn’t have a profile yet, and wondering why not.” McCulloch approved of Moore moving to America. “It suits him a lot more than the way things are approached in New Zealand.”

Moore has certainly embraced America. His Facebook page is filled with patriotic support for the Republican Party – he was a Rick Santorum supporter early on but has now thrown his support behind Mitt Romney – and he admits he comes across as more American than some native borns. “I’m a libertarian, I love freedom,” he said. He currently has nine interns working on Abortion Wiki and he appears to be thriving in his new home. “Most of my friends (in New Zealand) probably think I’m too extreme,” he said. But he doesn’t feel he has a choice but to continue. “Ninety-nine percent of Pro-Lifers aren’t living out that term. You can’t say you’re Pro-Life and not do anything about it.”

Live Action’s Lila Rose joins AbortionWiki Advisory Board

AbortionWiki is today excited to announce that Live Action President Lila Rose is joining our Advisory Board.

Live Action was founded in 2003 by then 15-year-old Lila Rose. Live Action is a youth-led movement dedicated to building a culture of life and ending abortion through use of new media and investigative journalism, exposing threats against the vulnerable and defenseless.

Miss Rose will be joining existing board members Bryan Kemper, Stand True Christ Centered Pro-Life; Charmaine Yoest, Americans United for Life; Eoghan De Faoite, Youth Defence (Ireland); Eric Scheidler, Pro-Life Action League; Jill Stanek; Kristan Hawkins, Students for Life of America; Steven Ertelt,; and Troy Newman, Pro-Life Nation.

AbortionWiki Director Andy Moore said today that he was blown away by the huge show of support for the AbortionWiki project, as demonstrated by the stellar line-up represented in AbortionWiki’s Advisory Board.

“We are delighted to welcome Lila to our Advisory Board,” Moore said. “We are great supporters of the work Live Action is doing. Live Action is out there every day, conducting ground-breaking investigations into the deplorable practices taking place within the abortion industry. Here at AbortionWiki, we’re seeking to pull all this information together and present it in a way that makes it even more powerful. We are achieving this with the help of our international team of volunteer researchers who pull together the necessary data to provide valuable context to breaking stories.”

AbortionWiki looks forward to working alongside Live Action with the shared goal of seeing the abolition of abortion. It is our strong conviction that by employing effective strategies such as those outlined by both Live Action and AbortionWiki, that we will in fact see the abolition of abortion within our lifetimes.

Late-Term Abortionist Caught Offering Illegal 32 Week Abortion

On August 11, post-abortive pro-life advocate Kelly Clinger wrote an article that included a picture of a woman pregnant with 20 week old twins at the Orlando Women’s Center abortion business in Florida. The woman went inside to have her twin babies killed by abortion. Abortionist James Pendergraft owns the Orlando Women’s Center as well as four other abortion businesses.

Pendergraft also runs the website, This site contains information on how a person can set up a late-term abortion. Pendergraft will agree to commit an abortion through all nine months of pregnancy, only requiring justification from a medical professional.

It is important to note that Pendergraft is currently prevented from practicing medicine in Maryland while he serves his fourth career suspension. Pendergraft has no active medical license in any other state. Therefore any abortion he commits is necessarily illegal.

Late-term abortions are most often considered to be reserved for extreme cases such as when a mother’s life is in danger. However the truth is, as Kelly pointed out, that late-term abortion is legal in most states and can be for reasons as basic as extreme emotional distress.

Following the national outrage over the late-term abortion of the twins, AbortionWiki determined to find out if Pendergraft would be willing to kill a baby 32 weeks in the womb, probably a completely viable baby that could survive if the mother went into premature labor.

AbortionWiki undercover investigator Susan Tyrell emailed Pendergraft using the contact address on the website, using the name “Sarah Maranci” and pretending that she was 32 weeks pregnant. She stated that her boyfriend and had an affair, beat her and then left. She wrote that she was suffering mental distress and didn’t think she could go on. Susan never stated that she was suicidal, but simply used dramatic language that implied that her life would be over if she had the baby:

Pendergraft promptly replied, stating that he would not be able to commit the abortion because there was no legal justification for it:

Susan replied, putting forward a case that her life was in fact threatened. She mentioned that she had seen a counselor and could provide records showing her distress (read email). Pendergraft responded to this email:

Susan scanned in and emailed Pendergraft the supposed letter from the counselor. In the letterhead for the letter, she had included a phone number for the counselor. In fact, this was her secondary number. The body of the letter is below (the letterhead was cut off by the scanner):

Pendergraft responded, asking for the phone number of the counselor and laying out the next steps which would allow the abortion to go ahead:

It should be noted that at no point in this process did Pendergraft verify any of the facts. Susan provided him with a number for a supposed “counselor,” who was not a medical doctor and who never claimed to be licensed. However Pendergraft did not check the authenticity of the document nor did he call to verify the counselor. We know this, because the number Susan provided was her own. If Pendergraft had in fact called the counselor, she would have received the call.

Maryland Right to Life provides a summary of Maryland’s late-term abortion law:

“Maryland law… allows abortions after viability if needed to protect the “health” of the mother. “Health” is defined very broadly, to include the “distress … associated with the unwanted child, … the problem of bringing a child into a family already unable, psychologically and otherwise, to care for it, … the additional difficulties and continuing stigma of unwed motherhood….”

As a side note, the facility that Pendergraft was unwilling to name in the above email operates out of Integrated OB/GYN Services, located at 7610 Pennsylvania Avenue, #305, in Forestville, Maryland.

Pendergraft clearly showed that his concern was with getting the money and destroying a “viable” life for $18,0000. At no point did he ask Susan if she had had any adoption counseling or considered giving her baby up for adoption; he never asked for medical report or any other evidence. The most that he did was ask her was if she had ever been pregnant before if she had any children and what types of deliveries they were.

Correspondence ended with Pendergraft’s last e-mail, which said that as soon as he received notification that the funds had been wired to his Florida bank account, he would be able to begin the procedure the following day (Friday 17 August).

In conclusion, Pendergraft was prepared to commit the abortion – even though he is currently not licensed to do so – for the unsubstantiated reason that the mother thought “her life would be over” where she to go ahead and have the child.

Related Reading: In July, Operation Rescue conducted a very similar undercover investigation. Pendergraft’s response was the same. In this instance he was prepared to commit an abortion for the reason that the woman’s boyfriend was in jail.

Announcing the AbortionWiki Internship

It’s been a while since our last update. But we’ve been busy! We’re excited to be able to finally announce the launch of our AbortionWiki Internship which will begin August 1.

The AbortionWiki Internship is a 10 week program which will provide you with an improved understanding of many crucial aspects of the fight to abolish abortion. These will include skills specific to the injustice of abortion, as well as skills which will be applicable in many other fields. The Internship is aimed at pro-life youth, however people of any age are welcome to apply. The internship is FREE and dates are flexible. You will learn a lot and make new friends in the Pro-Life Movement!

Interns will receive:

  • A user account on AbortionWiki
  • Training in a range of web-related skills including research & writing techniques
  • Certificate of completion signed by AbortionWiki board members
  • Pro-Life t-shirt
  • A copy of “Why Pro-Life?”, a must-read book by Randy Alcorn

The AbortionWiki Internship will be challenging, rewarding and exciting. And with a minimum time-commitment of just 5 hours per week, the AbortionWiki Internship does not need to conflict with your school or work schedule!

If you or someone you know would be interested in applying for this internship, please click here where you can find full information and an application form.

Struggling with Logic: Voice of Choice

“When I think of my three wonderful children, which is almost every second, from conception to birth, to every milestone of their lives, I marvel at the mystery of life, the wonder of birth and the love of being a mother.”

This is the opening line of the ironically titled article “Logic anyone?” written by Valerie B., at the Voice of Choice blog. Voice of Choice was founded by Todd Stave, co-owner of, and landlord for a Maryland abortion business.

Concluding her article, Valerie B. writes,

“No, I don’t see abortion as murder or the killing of a baby or a child. I’m sure it’s an unbelievably difficult decision for the majority of women who choose it.”

Valerie very clearly states that her children have been alive from the moment of conception. Yet despite this accurate observation, she subsequently states that she does not see abortion as killing the preborn child.

This is utterly preposterous. Abortion means “to stop.” This word does not do the practice justice. Abortion does not simply “stop” the preborn child. Instead it rips off the child’s limbs and sucks it out of her mother via a suction tube.

How can Valerie state that her children have been alive since conception in one breath, and then in the next state that killing those children pre-birth is anything but killing or murder?

Valerie & Voice of Choice – you are the ones who need to work on your logic.

Kroger Also Funding Planned Parenthood of North Texas

Yesterday we broke the story that Kroger, Albertsons & Tom Thumb grocery stores in Texas are funneling dollars into the TEA Fund, an organization which essentially subsidizes abortions for poor/minority women, thus improving the income of abortion businesses.

Today we are saddened to release additional information relevant to this story.

The three Texas grocery stores not only donate 1% of the purchases of registered TEA Fund members to the TEA Fund. Planned Parenthood of North Texas – an affiliate of Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion chain in the U.S. – is also a recipient of funds from these three popular grocery stores.

Kroger, Tom Thumb Donors to Abortion Fund for Low-Income/Minority Women

New Research conducted by AbortionWiki has uncovered that Texas branches of popular grocery stores Kroger, Tom Thumb & Albertson’s are donors to an organization known as the “Texas Equal Access (TEA) Fund”

The three Texas grocery stores donate 1% of the purchases of registered TEA Fund members to the TEA Fund.

Serving on the board of the TEA Fund is Jenni Heasman-Beaver, general manager for the Southwestern Women’s Surgery Center late-term abortion mill located in Dallas, TX.

Operating under the guise of assisting low-income women to gain access to abortion, money raised by the Fund goes directly into the coffers of abortion-mills such as Southwestern. To the tune of $151,000 in 2010.

Some of you will be saying – “I shop at one of these stores, but I’m not signed up to this donation program!”

However keep in mind that it is these stores, not the individual shoppers who are directly donating to the Fund. Therefore, when you shop at one of these stores, you are patronizing a store which is a direct funder of abortions for low-income/minority women.

TEA Fund Targets Minority WomenIn 2008, 47% of these mothers were African American, 19% were Hispanic. 46% of the mothers were between the ages of 12 – 22.