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AbortionWiki is a non-profit organization that is funded by donors like you.

AbortionWiki is a project of ProLife Planet, LLC. Donations are being accepted via ProLife Planet. Donations are not tax-deductible.

Regular Donation

Please consider becoming an ongoing supporter of our work by setting up a monthly donation.

One-Off Donation

Please make a donation today to support our work.

What Will My Donation Be Used For?

AbortionWiki currently has no payed staff and no office. Our overheads are low, however there are various expenses such as web-hosting, promotion, research trips, computer hardware and software, etc.

AbortionWiki has the aim of documenting all aspects of the abortion industry and abortion lobby, Worldwide. With a goal as large as this it is clear that we are going to need a budget and several full-time staff who will work alongside and oversee our growing number of volunteer contributors.

Other Donation Methods

If you would prefer to use another method to make a donation to AbortionWiki, please contact us. Email donations@abortionwiki.org