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This page serves as a manual on how to use AbortionWiki.

I want to delete something

Have you noticed an error? Are you seeking to have an article page deleted? Only editors have the ability to edit article pages. Make a comment on that article's discussion page making your request.

I want to become a contributor

In order to become a contributor to AbortionWiki, apply for an account. Your request must include the contact details of a respected member of the pro-life community who we will then contact before we approve your application. Why do we do this?

Click here for a list of contributors to the website.

I want to make a comment

Anyone can make a comment on any article on AbortionWiki. In order to make a comment, click on the "discussion" tab at the top left of the page. Every article has its own discussion page that anyone in the World may add content to.


All statements must be referenced back to a verifiable, credible source. It is acceptable to cite a blog, so long as opinions and bias are not carried across from that source.

Set Up Referencing

When you create a new page, one of the first things you need to do is set up referencing. This is done by simply adding the following code at the bottom of the page:


From now on, whenever you create a reference on the article you are creating, the reference will automatically get listed at the bottom of the article, under the "References" section header.

Referencing Protocol

Please include your reference following the period at the end of your sentence. In some cases it is appropriate to include references mid-sentence, if a number of sources are cited in building that sentence. When citing web sources, please use the following format, which will result in a tidy looking reference. Simply including the URL within the <ref> tags is not acceptable. If the article is not dated, please use the date on which you accessed the article. Also include the date on which you accessed the article.

<ref>[http://www.biography.com/articles/Barack-Obama-12782369Biography.com: ''Barack Obama'', Feb. 18, 2010] (accessed on July 23, 2010)</ref>

If a reference is to be used more than once on an AbortionWiki page, please give the first instance of the reference a name:

<ref name=biography.com>[http://www.biography.com/articles/Barack-Obama-12782369Biography.com: ''Barack Obama'', Feb. 18, 2010] (accessed on July 23, 2010)</ref>

And then for all future uses of that source, simply use the following format,

<ref name=biography.com/>

Noting Lack of Reference

If you come across an unreferenced statement - and are unable to find the source for the claim yourself, please append the claim with:


This will place a [citation needed] where the reference number would have otherwise been. Hopefully someone else will spot this at some point in the future, and include the correct reference.

Breakdown of a Reference

The following is a step-by-step example of how to create a reference:

  • To begin, type: <ref>
  • Then include the URL to the source in this way: [http://reference-website.com
  • Now type in the name of the website: Reference Website:
  • Next add the name of the page: ''Page with relevant information''
  • Did the page include the date it was created? If so add this: , July 24, 2003]
  • Add the date that you accessed the page: (accessed on August 7, 2012)
  • End your reference with: </ref>

If you follow the above steps, you should end up with a reference that looks like this:

Reference Website: Page with relevant information, July 24, 2003 (accessed on August 7, 2012)

Note, if you wish to use the same reference more than once on an AbortionWiki article, you will need to give your reference a name the first time you use it:

<ref name=reference-name>

From then on, whenever you need to use this reference, simply type:

<ref name=reference-name/>

Note that this shortcut will only work within the article you are editing. If you want to use the same reference & shortcut on another AbortionWiki article, you will need to complete both of the above steps.

Formatting Guidelines


This is by far the simplest way of turning a long list into columns. Simply place

<div style="column-count:3;-moz-column-count:3;-webkit-column-count:3">

at the beginning of the list, and at the end,


You can modify the columns by changing the number of columns, or adjusting the overall width the columns take up.

Create a Redirect

Here's how to automatically forward a page to another page. Why would you want to? You could forward an acronym, i.e. IPPF to the actual page, International Planned Parenthood Federation.

  1. Create a new page, i.e. IPPF
  2. All you put on the page is: #REDIRECT [[International Planned Parenthood Federation]]
  3. Save the page, that's it.

Redirects are also good if a person goes under different names, or if there is a common misspelling of their name.