Alison Knowles

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Alison Knowles

Dr. Alison G. Knowles is the daughter of abortionist John Taylor.

Certifying Consultant

As at 11 November, 2009, Knowles was a Certifying Consultant at AMAC in Mt. Eden, Auckland. Certifying consultants have the job of approving or disapproving a mother being permitted to have her pre-born child killed by abortion.[1]

Abortion Supervisory Committee

In 2009 the Abortion Supervisory Committee released a standards document for the provision of abortion services in New Zealand entitled "Standards of Care for Women Requesting Induced Abortion in New Zealand." Dr. Alison Knowles led the development of the document. The ASC also consulted with and received submissions from the following groups/individuals in drafting the document:[2]

Knowles launched the document at the medical abortion conference held in Wellington on Friday 16 October and Saturday 17 October. Dr. Rosemary Fenwicke of the ASC thanked Knowles for leading the development of the best practice guidelines.[3]


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