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Annie's List is an organization aiming to elect prochoice legislators in Texas.


As of April 19, 2012, the following worked for Annie's List:[1]

Board of Directors

Board Emeritus


Regional Committees

* indicates that this individual is a board member of Annie's List. ** indicates that this individual is a board emeritus.

Central Texas

Steering Committe Co-Chairs: Heidi Gerbracht & Mandy Dealey

2012 Central Texas Luncheon Co-Chairs: Janis Pinelli* & Sarah McElvaney

Steering Committee Members:[3]


Steering Committee Chairs: Claire Collins Schwarz & Michael Veale

2012 Dallas Luncheon Chairs: Becky Bruder & Sally Dunning

2012 Dallas Luncheon Honorary Chair: Debbie Branson

Steering Committee Members:[4]

Endorsed Candidates


Annie's List endorsed the following candidates in 2008:[5]

  • Wendy Davis, Senate District 10 – Fort Worth
  • Diana Maldonado, House District 52 – Round Rock
  • Sandra Rodriguez, House District 36 – McAllen
  • Kristi Thibaut, House District 133 – Houston
  • Diane Trautman, Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector
  • Rep. Valinda Bolton, House District 47 – Austin
  • Rep. Ellen Cohen, House District 134 – Houston
  • Rep. Jessica Farrar, House District 148 – Houston
  • Rep. Veronica Gonzales, House District 41 – McAllen
  • Rep. Donna Howard, House District 48 – Austin
  • Rep. Paula Pierson, House District 93 – Arlington


Annie's List endorsed the following candidates in 2012:[6]

  • Vy Nguyen - HD 26, Houston
  • Mary Gonzalez, HD 75, El Paso
  • Hon. Paula Pierson - HD 93, Arlington
  • Nicole Collier, HD 95, Fort Worth
  • Dr. Rosemary Robbins, HD 105, Irving
  • Hon. Carol Kent, HD 107, Dallas
  • Toni Rose, HD 110, Dallas
  • Tina Torres, HD 117, San Antonio
  • Ann Johnson, HD 134, Houston
  • Mary Ann Perez, HD 138, Houston
  • Sen. Wendy Davis, SD 10, Fort Worth
  • Rep. Dr. Alma Allen, HD 131, Houston
  • Rep. Donna Howard, HD 48, Austin
  • Ruth Jones-McClendon, HD 120, San Antonio
  • Rep. Senfronia !ompson, HD 141, Houston
  • Rep. Ana Hernandez Luna, HD 143, Houston
  • Rep. Carol Alvarado, HD 145, Houston
  • Rep. Jessica Farrar, HD 148, Houston

Campaign School

The Annie’s List Campaign School seeks to politically empowering young people while helping elect prochoice, Democratic women in Texas. Each year Annie's List trains individuals just out of college at an intense week-long Campaign School and then places them on the campaigns of Annie’s List endorsed women candidates for the last 3 months of the election.

While on the campaign trail, participants receive a monthly stipend, free housing and paid travel expenses to and from the campaign. During their placement period, these trained staffers function as a full-time member of the campaign team – filling whatever role the campaign needs upon their arrival in early August.

After Election Day, Annie’s List helps to find them their next job in prochoice/Democratic politics.

Annie's List writes of their strategy,[7]

"These professionally trained staffers are an invaluable in-kind contribution to our women candidates who, at no cost to the campaign, help them reach their fundraising, communications, and/or voter contact goals. In other words, Annie’s List is changing the face of power in Texas by training the next generation of Democratic activists and electing more women to office at the same time."


The following made up the 2010 Class of Annie's List Campaign School:[8]



In 2006, the following made donations to Annie's List in honor of prochoice activists and leaders:[2]

  • Naomi Aberly & Cecilia Boone, by Ruthie Shor
  • Pam Beckert, by:
  • Aimee Boone, by Nancy Kasten
  • Cecilia Boone, by:
    • Jami Hradecky
    • Cynthia Schneidler, MD
    • Nancy Solana
  • Helen Chandler, by Lesly Bosch Annen
  • Serena Connelly & Lisa Simmons, by Rebel Calhoun
  • Amanda Dalton, by Jeff Dalton
  • Kimberley Elting, by Carmen Gross
  • Kimberley Elting & Sherri Cook, by Nichole Culak & Chris Culak
  • Minnie Flores, by Hon. Veronica Gonzales
  • Sarah Harkinson, by Donna Aldred
  • Donna Howard, by Ann Edwards
  • Lisa Kraus, by:
    • Jay W. Oppenheimer
    • JoAnne Teichman
  • Lisa Kraus & Naomi Aberly, by Debbie Andres
  • Mitzi Levine, by Ina M. Ayliffe
  • Julie Lowenberg, by Pat Sabin
  • Ann Mahowald & Amy Ware, by Staci Mankoff
  • Joy Mankoff, by Cynthia Young
  • Dr. Gregory Marchand, by Bruce Kruger, PhD
  • Harriet Miller, by Nancy Knipp
  • Elaine Pearlman & Carol Levy, by Gilian Baron
  • Avery Pickard, by Bonnie New
  • Grier Raggio & Lorraine Raggio, by Elisa Reiter
  • Sue Roman, by Nikki Gibson & Claire Gibson
  • Pat Rosenthal, by:
    • Arlene Dayton
    • Marilyn Halla
  • Emily Sentilles, by Nikki Gibson & Claire Gibson
  • Kayla Silvers, by Iris Silvers
  • Debby Spradley, by:
    • Vera Baker
    • Barbara Glazer Rosenblatt
  • Anne Wright Williams, by Oleta Salyards

In 2006, the following made donations to Annie's List in memory of deceased prochoice activists and leaders:[2]

  • Mary Jane Brogan, by Sue Roman
  • Linda Hankinson, by Cathy Doyle
  • Robert Hoffman, by:
    • Regen Fearon
    • Marguerite Hoffman
  • Judge Sarah T. Hughes, by Joann Peters
  • Dr. Mae Jackson, by Molly Beth Malcolm
  • A. E. Meador, by Gloria Gray
  • Governor Ann Richards, by:
    • Nancy Berry
    • Billye Brown
    • Janet Elkin
    • Amy Fikes
    • Susan Gore
    • Gloria Gray
    • Lynn Grimes
    • Janice Henderson
    • Cecily Horton
    • Grace K. Jameson, MD
    • Anne Knight
    • Elizabeth Lippincott
    • Madeline McClure
    • Bettye Nowlin
    • Tegwin Pulley
    • Jane Saginaw
    • Jane Sandlin
    • Cindy Schuartz
    • Dale Sonnenberg
    • Mary Ross Taylor & Ginny Galtney
    • by Pam Wetzels
    • Carol Wilson
    • Paula Wilson
  • Sue Sellers, by Karen Briscoe
  • Harlene Shreve, by Michael Smith
  • Ruth Webb, by Frances Franklin
  • Jerry Wheeler, by Deborah Dobbs
  • Ruthe Winegarten, by Jackie McElhaney


In 2008, the following made donations to Annie's List in honor of prochoice activists and leaders:[5]

  • Naomi Aberly, by:
  • Suzanne Bartolucci, by Becky Beasley
  • Cecilia Boone, by Roselyn Thompson
  • Rhiannon & Riley Curry, by Michelle Curry
  • Theresa Daniel, by B.J. Adrian
  • Dru & Amber Davis, by Wendy Davis
  • Wendy Davis, by Margaret DeMoss
  • Susan Diamond, by Michelle Lockhart
  • Kimberley Elting, by:
    • Betty Ungerman
    • Missy Finger
  • Jeanne Fagadau, by:
    • Nancy Krieger
    • Hanne Klein
  • Patsy Fagadau, by:
    • Jill Stolbach
    • Ellen Effron
  • Esmé Jacobson, by Loren Jacobson
  • Loren Jacobson, by Esmé Jacobson
  • Rabbi Nancy Kasten, by Frances McElvaney
  • Courtney Katzenstein, by Nikki Gibson
  • Lisa Kraus, by JoAnne Teichman
  • Alice London, by Donald Carnes
  • Julie Lowenberg, by Elisabeth Lerner
  • Dorothy Lurie, by Suzy La Forge
  • Leslie MacLean, by:
    • Emily Snooks
    • Robin Sanders
    • Kim Bond
  • Joy Mankoff, by Cynthia E. Young
  • Becky Mathis, by Marion Ward
  • Betty McKool, by Gayle McKool
  • Sherry Merfish, by Trish Houck & Lyssa Jenkens
  • Media L. Miller, by Felicia Miller
  • Tricia Miller, by:
  • Miriam Sharp Minnick, by Lynn Gilbert
  • Katie Naranjo, by Rick Cofer
  • Annise Parker, by Doreen Stroller
  • Teresa Phifer, by Madeleine Ross
  • Louise B. Raggio, by Gay G. Cox
  • Pat Rosenthal, by Jennifer Carr
  • Ann H. Ross, by Becky Skyes
  • Shanon Schwimmer, by Kathryn Allen
  • Nancy Stevens, by Peggy Meade-Cohen
  • Liz Sumter, by Janet Little
  • Aliceanne Wallace, by Laura Bergin
  • Cathy Bonner & Rev. Emilee Whitehurst, by Robbie Ausley
  • "all of you", by Becky Bruder
  • "her mother", by Mary Anne Redmond

In 2008, the following made donations to Annie's List in memory of deceased prochoice activists and leaders:[5]

  • Rev. Martha Gilmore, by Jackie McElhaney
  • Alan Grob, by Carla Calabrese
  • Sarah T. Hughes, by Joann Peters
  • Molly Ivins, by Randall Chapman
  • Molly Ivins & Gov. Ann Richards , by Lydia Powell
  • Alfred E. Meador, by Gloria Gray
  • Janet Newberger, by Morris Newberger
  • Gov. Ann Richards, by:
    • Evelyn Jo Wilson
    • Anne E. Knight
    • Cynthia Fowler
    • Marceline Lasater
    • Annette Stewart
    • Ellen Temple
    • Henrietta Wright
    • Gloria Wise
    • Evelyn Jo Wilson
  • Gov. Ann Richards & Barbara Jordan, by Kathryn Wilkinson
  • Carlota S. Smith, by Mary Ross Taylor & Ginny Galtney
  • Ruth Syler, by Susan Syler
  • Ruthe Winegarten, by Nancy Baker Jones


In 2010, the following made donations to Annie's List in honor of prochoice activists and leaders:[9]

  • Naomi Aberly, by:
    • Carole B. Jordan
    • Staci Mankoff
    • Susan Matusewicz
    • Linda Owen
  • Kelly Ausley-Flores, by" your paralegals & staff"
  • Karla Barber, by:
    • Gilian Baron
    • Lottye Brodsky
    • Tricia Miller
  • Carol Barger, by Roger D. Sanders
  • Victoria Benedict, by Jackie McElhaney
  • Cecilia Boone, by Linda Owen
  • Anne Bradley, by Leslie MacLean
  • Debbie Branson, by:
    • Jennifer Branson Johnston
    • Krisi Kastl
  • Kate Campbell, by Shirley Watkins
  • Dick Cheney, by Windy Warner
  • Carolyn Clark, by Melissa McNeil
  • Virginia Creech, by Liza Farrow-Gillespie
  • Susan Cuellar, by Linda Harris
  • Jean Davies, by Lou Michaels
  • Anneliese Davis, by Susan Barzelay
    • Patricia Davis
    • Dana Feldman
    • Anita Robeson
  • Jeanne Fagadau, by Joan Kramer
  • Amy Fikes, by Katie Lavie
  • Jessica Goldman, by Chynthia Schneidler, MD
  • William S. James, by Sally Giddens Stephenson
  • JoAnn Jenkins, by Clay Jenkins
  • Robert E. Jones, by Leslie MacLean
  • Chris Jonsson, by Charlene Howell
  • Amy Klion, by Tricia Miller
  • Lisa Kraus, by:
    • Joanne Teichman
    • Emily Snooks
  • Candace Krause, by:
    • Susan Aberg
    • Anne Goyer
  • Katie Lavie, by Risa Gross
  • Julie Lowenberg, by Barbara Materka
  • Elena Marks, by:
    • Nancy McGregor Manne
    • Sally Russ
  • Mary McAtee, by Vivian Jones
  • Alfred Meader, by Gloria M. Gray
  • Tricia Miller, by:
    • Anne Goyer
    • Carole B. Jordan
  • Virginia Richards, by Lucy Richards
  • Jane Saginaw, by Robin Sachs
  • Shanon Schwimmer, by Kathryn Allen
  • Gladys Sokol, by Silvia Davis
  • Judith Stewart, by Carole B. Jordan
  • Sally Warren, by Laurie H. Cox

In 2010, the following made donations to Annie's List in memory of deceased prochoice activists and leaders:[9]

  • Sammie Ausmus, by Janette Skrasek
  • Tom Cullivan, by Delores Cullivan
  • Betty Parsons Dooley, by Marilyn Halpin
  • Sudy Samadari’s father, by:
    • Jennifer Roth
    • David Roth
    • Jane Brann



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