Auckland Obstetric Centre

The Auckland Obstetric Centre is situated in Parnell, Auckland. The company was formerly directed by late-term abortionist Geoff Bye.[1]


The following work for the company:[2]

  • Lynda Batcheler, Obstetrician
  • Tim Dawson, Obstetrician
  • Gillian Gibson, Obstetrician
  • Eva Hochstein, Obstetrician
  • Paul Macpherson, Obstetrician
  • Martin C. Sowter, Obstetrician
  • Dr. Astrid Budden, Associate Obstetrician
  • Peter Nobbs, Paediatrician
  • Lucille Wilkinson, Physician
  • Jane Patten, Clinic Manager

Reception Staff: Vanessa, Ann, Heather and Charmaine

As at 2008, late-term abortionist Geoff Bye worked as director of the company.[1]

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