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Aunty Jane is a hotline providing sexual and reproductive health information for women in Kenya. [1]


The personnel is a group of activist women who have been "extensively trained to provide information on reproductive health and answer questions in a reliable, confidential, non-judgemental way".[2] Women on Waves, Women on Web, and International Planned Parenthood (local affiliate Family Health Options Kenya), are behind the hotline.[3]

Unidentified Workers

The following is a group of photos of Aunty Jane workers who remain as yet undentified:


Information given includes safer sex, prevention of unwanted pregnancies, options when faced with unplanned pregnancy, prevention of unsafe abortion, prevention of dangers bleeding after giving birth, and information on gender-based violence.[4] The hotline instructs women on how to illegally commit abortion with a drug called misoprostol.[5] The website links to Women on Web which is a website that offers abortion pills for women who don't have safe abortion options. [3]
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