Cheryl Chastine

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Cheryl Chastine

Cheryl Ann Chastine is an abortionist.


After receiving a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Kentucky in 2005, Chastine graduated from the University of Kentucky College of Medicine (Lexington, Kentucky) on May 16, 2009.[1]

Total Wellness Inc.

Total Wellness Inc.

From August 2012 until the present, Cheryl Chastine has worked at Total Wellness Inc., a family practice in the Chicago suburb of Oak Park.

Discussing her approach to medicine, Chastine stated that she,[2]

""Combines rigorous evidence-based medicine with a caring, listening approach that empowers her patients to act as partners in their own care. She prefers to use judgment, lifestyle changes and the body’s healing powers whenever possible over tests and medicines. The Paleo/primal lifestyle is powerful medicine that I use as first-line treatment for a variety of ailments, including diabetes, polycystic ovarian syndrome, arthritis, depression, irritable bowel syndrome and GERD, among others. More than that, it’s simply the optimal way for humans to live. I work with my patients according to their degree of preparedness for the Paleo lifestyle, with the goal of achieving a state of optimal health and wellness."


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