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Craig Young


As at 22 December 1999[1] and 20 September 2000, Craig Young served as a Research Officer for the Abortion Law Reform Association of New Zealand.[2]

"ALRANZ Slams "Holocaust" - IVF Comparison"

On 20 September 2000, Young authored a press release entitled "ALRANZ Slams "Holocaust" - IVF Comparison", criticising Maxim Institute's Bruce Logan for his comparison between In vitro fertilisation (IVF) and the Nazi's Holocaust. Young's name appeared next to Dame Margaret Sparrow's name at the bottom of the press release. In the release, Young stated:[2]

""Christian Right education activist Bruce Logan should be deeply ashamed of himself for using his recent odious comparison of liberal in vitro fertilisation access for lesbians, single women and men to the Nazi regime.""

"Christian Right Responsible for High Rate of Teen Pregnancies"

On 11 July 2000, Young authored a press release entitled "We Oppose Attacks on the Medical Confidentiality". In the release he stated:[3]

""The Christian Right is really responsible for New Zealand's high rate of adolescent pregnancies, the associated health risks of teenage pregnancies, any sexually transmitted disease epidemics, and teenage abortions."

Ominous Theorising on Violence by NZ Pro-Lifers

On 14 August 2000, Young authored a press release entitled "ALRANZ: Spuc Civil War Welcomed". In the release he stated:[4]

"One only hopes we do not see the fragmentation of the New Zealand anti-abortion movement into even more extreme organisations that assist the assassination and computer website targeting of abortion providers."

The press release also stated that the Christchurch branch of SPUC (now Right to Life) was an extremist group.

Sparrow Link to FPA: "Coincidental"

On 11 September 2000, Young authored a press release entitled "ALRANZ: Spuc Civil War Welcomed". In the release he stated:[5]

"Christchurch "SPUC" really should check its facts before rushing into print. Drs. Margaret Sparrow and Diana Edwards may have been involved with the consortium that imported RU486 into this country, but their professional association with the Family Planning Association is coincidental."

However it is incorrect that Sparrow's professional association with the FPA is coincidental. Sparrow has worked for and been involved with the leadership of the FPA from as early as 1971 until the present. From as early as 1977 the FPA has called for complete decriminalisation of abortions up to 12 weeks.[6] The "consortium" Young refers to is the company Istar which was itself founded by Sparrow and others.

Gay Activist

Young is a prolific gay activist who writes a blog entitled Proclamations of the Red Queen at


In 2000, Young was a Doctoral candidate at the Massey University School of Sociology and Women's Studies.[7]


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