Epsom Day Unit

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Greenlane Clinical Centre, Auckland

The Epsom Day Unit in Greenlane, Auckland is New Zealand largest abortion mill. In 2009, 5,380 abortions were performed at the Epsom Day Unit [1]


The clinic is located on Level 5 in Building 7 at the Greenlane Clinical Centre in Greenlane, Auckland. [2].


The following have worked for the abortion mill:

Donating placental tissue for research

Circa 2006, the Auckland Medical Aid Centre abortion mill and the Epsom Day Unit abortion mill donated placental tissue to University of Auckland student Joanna James to assist with her thesis on "Cytotrophoblast Differentiation in the First Trimester of Human Pregnancy". In her acknowledgements, James specifically thanked Prof. Peter Stone "for his assistance in reading my work, and writing numerous referees reports."[4]


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