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Faith Aloud whose mission is "to eliminate the religious stigma of abortion," was incorporated in 1982.


Board of Governors

As at 2011, the following served on the board for the group:[1]


As at 2011, the following worked for the group:[1]

Missouri Policy Committee

As at 2011, the following served on the Missouri Policy Committee:[1]


The following individuals appear on a "Words of Comfort" DVD produced by Faith Aloud:[2]



Faith Aloud is a member organization of:[3]

  • Abortion Care Network
  • Freedom of Choice Council of Greater St. Louis
  • St. Louis Teen Pregnancy and Prevention Partnership

The following abortion business employees have thanked Faith Aloud for resources which they use in their facilities:[2]

  • Charlotte Taft, New Mexico
  • Tammi Kromenaker, North Dakota
  • Rosemary Codding, Virginia


The following foundations fund the group:[4]

  • The Groundswell Fund
  • The Ms. Foundation for Women
  • The Joseph H. and Florence A. Roblee Foundation
  • The Sunnen Foundation

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