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The Family Planning Association of New Zealand was originally known as the Sex Hygiene and Birth Regulation Society which was founded by Elsie Freeman in 1936 in Wellington.[1] The FPA is a pro-abortion organization and an affiliate of the International Planned Parenthood Federation.


Council Members

The following have served on the Family Planning Council:[2]

Senior Management Team

The following have served on the Family Planning Senior Management Team:[2][3]


The following have served as officers for the Association:[5]

Other Personnel

The following have been affiliated with the Association:[2]

  • Dame Silvia Cartwright PCNZM, DBE, FPA Patron, FP International Patron
  • Sir Edmund Hillary KG, ONZ, KBE, FP International Patron (deceased 11 January 2008)

Other Employees

Christchurch branch


The following is a list of honorary members/vice presidents of the Family Planning Association:[20][2]

Honorary Life Members:

Honorary Vice Presidents:


External Links


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