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Dr George Herbert "Herb" Green

George Herbert "Herb" Green (1916–2001) was the doctor at the centre of the Cartwright Inquiry, a commission set up to examine claims that he had been illegally experimenting on patients without their consent between 1966 and 1987. The inquiry found that he had conducted a study between 1966 and 1987 in which the cases of women with major cervical abnormalities were followed without definitive treatment, in an attempt to prove his "personal belief" that these abnormalities were "not a forerunner of invasive cancer."[1]

After Green retired, a paper[2] was published in 1984 discussing the outcome of Green's management of his patients. This paper came to the attention of Phillida Bunkle and Sandra Coney, who published an article entitled "An Unfortunate Experiment" in Metro Magazine in June 1987.[3]

A 2010 study comparing patients diagnosed with cervical carcinoma in situ during Green's study period with those diagnosed beforehand and afterwards found that his patients were at substantially greater risk of cancer and were subjected to numerous extra tests that were intended to observe rather than treat their conditions. It concluded that eight women died as a result.[4]


Various individuals in the industry have confirmed that Green also operated as an abortionist at the Auckland Medical Aid Centre.


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