Jack W. Schuler

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Jack Schuler

Jack W. Schuler is the Lead Director of the Stericycle Board of Directors.[1]


Schuler received a B.S. degree in mechanical engineering from Tufts University and a M.B.A. degree from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business Administration.[1]

Professional Career

From January 1987 to August 1989 Schuler served as president and chief operating officer of Abbott Laboratories, a health care company. He was also a director of the company from April 1985 to August 1989. Schuler is a director of Hansen Medical, Inc., a developer and manufacturer of medical robotics technology, Quidel Corporation, a developer and manufacturer of point-of-care diagnostic tests, and Accelerate Diagnostics, Inc., a developer of automated diagnostics systems. Formerly, he served as chairman of the board of directors of Ventana Medical Systems, Inc., and as a director of Medtronic, Inc., Amgen Incorporated, Chiron Corporation, Elan Corporation, plc, and ICOS Corporation.[1]


Schuler is a co-founder of Crabtree Partners LLC, a private investment firm in Lake Forest, Illinois.[1]

Carleton College

Schuler is a former trustee of Carleton College.[1]


Schuler has served as the Lead Director of the Stericycle Board of Directors since August 2008 and served as the Chairman of the Board from January 1990 until becoming Lead Director. He also currently serves as Chairman of Stericycle’s Nominating and Governance Committee and a member of Stericycle’s Audit Committee. He is the top individual shareholder (and beneficiary) of Stericycle stock.[1]

Aid to the Abortion Industry

Stericycle has chosen to work for abortion facilities to dispose of the fetal remains from abortions.[2] Stericycle’s aid allows these clinics to continue killing preborn children. Because Schuler makes executive decisions for the company and profits from Stericycle’s collaboration with the abortion industry, responsibility for Stericycle’s actions falls upon him.


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