Jenni Heasman-Beaver

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Jenni Heasman-Beaver

Jenni Heasman-Beaver

Southwestern Women's Surgery Center

Jenni Heasman-Beaver works as the general manager for the Southwestern Women's Surgery Center abortion mill located in Dallas, TX.

Fairmount Center Abortion Business

Heasman-Beaver has worked as manager of the Fairmount Center abortion mill.[1]

"We Must Mock... Stupid" TX Ultrasound Law

On Feb. 22, 2012, Heasman-Beaver stated,[2]

"Thanks for defending the vaginas and uteri of America! I manage a clinic in Dallas, Texas where this stupid law is already in place - we must continue to mock this law and its "inventors", as the courts of Texas aren't sensible or interested in what is right."


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