Larry Carter Center

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Larry Carter Center

Larry Carter Center is a trade unionist who volunteers as a clinic escort at the Charleston Women's Medical Center abortion business in South Carolina.

Lawnmower Incident

40 Days for Life Charleston, SC reported that on July 30, 2011, Larry Carter Center "came walking up the street pushing a lawn mower. When he approached the spot where a group of Catholics were praying the Rosary, he turned on his lawn mower and started pushing it into the legs of two men. This mower was running, the blades were cutting the grass, and he was yelling and bumping into these two men. Another man, who comes out on Saturdays, saw what was happening and came over to help our Catholic friends. The police were called and reports were filed.[1] Click here to view a portion of the incident that was captured on film. The footage does not show Center bumping into the two men.

Hit Pro-Lifer with Car

On January 12, 2012, clinic escort Larry Carter Center hit pro-lifer Bill Gaspy with his car as he exited the parking lot.[2]


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