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==[[AbortionWiki:Manual|How to Use AbortionWiki]]==
==[[AbortionWiki:Manual|How to Use AbortionWiki]]==
[[AbortionWiki:Manual#I want to become a contributor|I want to add content]] | [[AbortionWiki:Manual#I want to make a comment|I want to comment]] | [[AbortionWiki:Manual#I want to delete something|I want to delete something]] | [[AbortionWiki:Manual|more...]]
I want to: [[AbortionWiki:Manual#I want to become a contributor|add content]] | [[AbortionWiki:Manual#I want to make a comment|make a comment]] | [[AbortionWiki:Manual#I want to delete something|delete something]] | [[AbortionWiki:About#FAQ|FAQ]] | [[AbortionWiki:Manual|more...]]
==Find out about...==
==Find out about...==

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What is AbortionWiki?

AbortionWiki aims to be the reference of choice for all information relating to abortion. The act of abortion has killed more individual humans than all genocides or natural disasters in history put together. While AbortionWiki takes an unashamed pro-life stance, we also recognise that fact is fact. The truth supports the pro-life position and so for our benefit and for the benefit of all people we will enforce stringent referencing on all statements. We will be open to immediate correction if something stated as fact is proven to be either badly referenced or actually false. Opinions, where presented, will be quoted as such. Various perspectives will be covered but will not be endorsed by this website. We want people on all sides of these debate to be able to come to us for truth. As once said, the truth will set us free.

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